Is The Left Still "Proud To Be a Left-Wing Extremist"?
Thu, June 11, 2009 at 18:57
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Left WIng Extremism, Leftinistra Unconstitutional Beliefs, Live Free Or Die, Take Our Country Back

and bloody proud of it ... BRING IT

This was going to be one more rewrite of articles the Leftinistra like to pawn off as fact but I changed my mind.  The original article posted by one named Kyle is entitled, "Is The Right Still "Proud To Be a Right-Wing Extremist"?"  Isn't it interesting how these frauds never ever challenge their own?  Isn't it interesting how these frauds on the left side of life never ever acknowledges the heinous acts of their own?  For instance, the Jihadi that assassinated an Army Soldier in Arkansas.  He hated America as well.  The left hate America and all she stands for seeing that the left cannot reconcile anything they believe in with the United States Constitution.  Ever.  I have tried to get at least ONE member of the Leftinistra to at least TRY and support their rhetoric with our Founding Documents but none have come up to meet the challenge.  Ever.  And I don't expect any to try, either.  Why?  Because they cannot.

They all accuse others of that which they themselves do.  They have the Eco Nazis that run around burning buildings down that aren't green enough adding poison gases into the atmosphere.  They have arsonists that run around fire-bombing Recruiting Stations across America and the list goes on and on and on.  You won't find any right-wingers participating in any of those activities.  Certainly, you will not find right-wingers attending a DNC election convention or any other DNC meeting of the mindless tossing bleach at their opposition.  You won't find any right-wingers dropping rocks, bricks and or sandbags from overpasses onto passing vehicles occupied by their opposition.  You won't find any right-wingers stealing campaign signs from the front yards of their opposition.  You won't find vitriolic attacks on their Leftinistra version of Sarah Palin coming from the right-wingers, either.

You won't find any right-wingers trying to get their opposition removed from the internet because they might be dangerous or that they disagree with anyone.  Need I go on?  You won't find any right-wingers trying to hack into a web site they don't like.  You won't have any right-wingers running all over Blogspot and hitting the "FLAG" button because they won't "shut up".  You won't find any right-wingers writing emails to their opposition describing how dead they want them to be.  All of that comes from the left-wingers.  Period.  End of discussion.  You won't find any right-wingers defecating, urinating and desecrating any flag of any sort in public at "peace rallies" or "anti-war rallies".  You will fiind that after a right-wing gathering, the area is left behind cleaner than it was when they got there.

The murder of Tiller the Baby Killer was a gross act of stupidity and the right-wing immediately yelled out for this cretins' just in prison or worse.  Yet, when attacks on Soldiers and other military personnel across this nation take place, not a peep of outrage comes from the alleged most tolerant people on the globe.  They are a lot of things but tolerant is at the bottom of the list.  The worst of the worst are in the Bay Area in California.  Just ask Code Pink - the people that sent in excess of $600M in "aid" to the enemy to kill, wound, maim and fight our Troops.  There's tolerance for you right there.  I call that treason and you won't find any right-winger doing that at all.  You also won't find any right-wingers spying on their own country and passing of vital national secrets to the enemy either.  That is reserved to the left-wingers.  Facts are hard to hide people.

The Leftinistra are the singularly most ugly, mean-spirited pieces of trash outside your viral Haji yet the Leftinistra support the enemy over their own nation and those that protect their very rights to exist.  And yes, the Leftinistra toss the term "neocon" around like they know what a "neocon" is or something.  I merely laugh in disdain because their use of the term "neocon" is allegedly a term of derision - tolerance at work I am sure.  If they ever learn what a "neocon" is, they would drop it like a hot Pelosi panty.

The Leftinistra labeled the holocaust Museum shooter a right-winger when it has been shown that he was/is nothing of the sort.  All we hear no is silence from their sheeple  He was one of their own - a hater of Christianity, an anti-Semite (there are no anti-Semites on the right-wing) and a hater of the "neocon".  Amazing isn't it?  Yet the fools on the left try and blame others for what they themselves partake in on a regular basis and call it good.  Why?  Because they did the deed and the Leftinistra never do anything wrong.  Just ask this buffoon Kyle.

Right Wing Watch?  By all means, watch.  We are watching back and we are better at it and I wear my Right Wing Extremist Badge with honor and courage.  The Leftinistra do not because they are the very cowards they hate.  The self-loathing of the Leftinistra is all too obvious.

Perhaps the Left-Wing Extremist Report by the DHS is "right" after all, eh?

I have a question for these cretins on the left-wing.  If the right-wing is as you all claim that we are, seeing that there are millions of us and we are all killers, murderers and such, is it wise to back us into a corner and piss us off?

Just sayin'.  Think about that.

We can debate issues and beliefs and argue various programs, policies and laws on their constitutionality or not.  We are willing but the Leftinistra are not because they would lose every time.  Remember, Conservatism wins every time in elections and that is why in tough races, democrats put up conservative candidates against liberal republicans...and win.  John McCain lost because he might as well join the DNC because he is in fact one of them at heart, just like his esteemed colleague Arlen Specter and Lindsey Graham.  There isn't a conservative bone in their bodies.  This is why candidates like Sarah Palin frighten the Leftinistra on the democrat side and the republican side.  I am neither.

If I have a label, I am a conservative libertarian constitutionalist.  Neocon?  Don't make me laugh.

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Another Leftinistra moonbat spanked.


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