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Libtard Hate Mail: My Final Response

As most know that frequent this place called the Snooper Report, I also write for and helped found American Daily Review.  I, as they, get hate mail, hate tweets and truly ugly comments.  Yes, there are some on the Right can be just as bad but for the most part, vitriolic cowardice (hiding behind anonymous monikers) are reserved to the Leftinistra.

The Boss at American Daily Review wrote and published a piece that pretty much explains it all and I have reprinted it here at the Snooper Report.  By the way, much to the chagrin of the Moonbat Class, aka the anti-Americanists in this Nation, ADR is the fastest growing Conservative news outlet on the internet.  Check Alexa.

First, let me say that this message is NOT directed at people who disagree with and respond to our articles in a responsible manner.

We allow for mature, responsible, spirited disagreement here and I allow some of it to be published in the comments section.

It is no surprise that I receive hate mail every day at American Daily Review. It is to be expected when one strives to make a difference and others just want to act like crabs in an effort to drag us down into the boiling pot with them.

What is surprising is the nature of most of it.

We receive violent and ridiculous emails and comments from what must be some of the most bigoted, unhappy, foul mouthed, dirty, ridiculous, trashy, asinine, know-nothing, heterophobic, uneducated, snotty, nanny-state, helpless, faithless, Godless, Marxist, moonbat, wingnut, tinfoil hat wearing, dope smoking, Libtard twit Losers to ever survive their mother’s decision to not have an abortion.

So that I don’t have to answer all of it anymore I decided to do so by simply saying this…

American Daily Review has contributors who are from the north, south, east, west, America, Canada, Israel, Pakistan, Mexico, and many other places. They are men, women, single, married, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, veterans, non-veterans, some have formal educations, some have street smarts, some are old, others young, some are wealthy, others are not, some are white, others are black, brown, yellow, red, Jewish, Catholic, Evangelical Christians, Protestants, one is a Muslim, some are Republicans, Libertarians, Conservative Party members, some are former Democrats, one still is a Democrat, one is a former Marxist, and one is even a former terrorist.

Regardless, we are working together to try and help encourage others to wake up and STAND UP for America, the U.S. Constitution and the TRUE TRADITIONAL values that make America GREAT.

So that said, know this… for those who continually waste their time writing hate mail… don’t bother.

It goes right where it belongs and where you all must live… in the garbage.

So, thank you for your hate mail, your visiting and reading American Daily Review helps us pay the bills, keep the lights on and futher the causes of faith, traditional values and conservatism.

And oh yeah - we get a great laugh out of it. Feel free to send your nutty friends our way.


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