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Obama Is Everything The Marxists Said Bush Was But Wasn't

Remember when the vitriolic Leftinistra said that President Bush was going to call off the 2008 elections, declare Martial Law and become King Bush?  Remember when the insane Leftinistra said that President Bush was the next Hitler?  Remember when the most retarded of the brain dead anti-Americanists (American liberals) said that President Bush was bringing in the Police State?  I do but, then again, I pay attention and keep score.  Remember when the Leftinistra claimed that President Bush was shredding the United States Constitution and never offered up any proof to speak of - like American Law and not some weird foreign law that America isn't signed on for and isn't held to by Treaty?  I do.  You?  Remember when President Bush was accused of starting an illegal war and never ever brought up any proof?  Remember when some Marxist Congress Critters tried to bring up various erroneous charges against President Bush and it was beat down heavily by their own kind in Congress?  I do.  Remember when President Bush "fired" all those lawyers because he could and the Leftinistra said he broke all kinds of imaginary laws, policies and procedures?  I do.  You?  Remember when that lame-brained outfit called Capital Blue started that libtard rumor that President Bush said the Constitution was just a goddamned piece of paper and never ever brought forth any substantiation whatsoever?  I do.  You?

What is it with the American Leftinistra, the armies of the socialist liberal?  If you ask Drs Krauthammer and Rossiter, they will tell you that they suffer from a mental disorder and they can prove it.  The real proof is the living, breathing Barack Hussein Obama.  There's your proof.

Obama, without following "the rules" of dismissing an IG, so dismissed an IG for daring to investigate one of his own protectorates, Americorps.  Please recall that the Americorps is one of the entities that Obama said that he was going to use for his Civilian National Security Forces.  Don't you find this an odd and peculiar development?  Had President Bush tried something like this - an ACTUAL rules violation and written rules and voted upon rules to boot - there would be screams of impeachment, effigies hanging all ablaze and libtards breaking glass, setting fires and making the Boobs for Peace to run around scaring the hell out of rational people.

There are reports that Michele Obama had something to do with this and I believe it.  What with her killing Mrs Sarkozy with that contemptuous glare at Normandy Beach and all, I don't put it past her to meddle in the internal affairs of government where she most assuredly has no place.

Some strange and potentially suspicious events tonight concerning the Obama White House and the AmeriCorps program. I've been told that on Wednesday night the AmeriCorps inspector general, Gerald Walpin, received a call from the White House counsel's office telling him that he had one hour to either resign or be fired. The White House did not cite a reason. "The answer that was given was that it's just time to move on," one Senate source told me tonight. "The president would like to have someone else in that position."

Inspectors General are part of every federal department. They are given the responsibility of independently investigating allegations of waste, fraud, and corruption in the government, without fear of interference by political appointees or the White House. Last year Congress passed the Inspectors General Reform Act, which added new protections for IGs, including a measure requiring the president to give Congress 30 days prior notice before dismissing an IG. The president must also give Congress an explanation of why the action is needed. Then-Sen. Barack Obama was one of the co-sponsors of the Act.

Now, there is the hurried attempt to dismiss Walpin, without the required notice or cause.

Say it isn't so!  Then again, there's always that FBI edict to not investigate black Muslim converts returning from known terrorist training camps.  What would have been the reaction from the Leftinistra if President Bush did anything remotely on that level?

Things that make you go, WTFO?

What has become what I refer to as the Obama Pattern is becoming more and more blatant at every turn seeing there are no one that has the cajones to call Obama on the carpet for obvious impeachable offenses, unlike the charges levied against President Bush.

JWF: Obama Fires AmericaCorps IG Investigating His Pal

And what about the Jihadi that was brought to NYC against the instructions from Congress that no one from Gitmo would be brought to the US?  What would be the level of howls if GWB had done such a thing?

Obama cronyism: Going after AmeriCorps IG on behalf of contributor; Update: A Michelle Obama connection?

Change! Obama Fires Inspector General For Investigating Corrupt Obama Supporter Who Used Americorps Funds to Wash Car

Obama, as I have said all through his campaign and before, hasn't a constitutional leg to stand on whatsoever.

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