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If It Was Only True...the Countdown?

The NRSC has put out a video that is tantamount to a Big Lie.  Maybe they received the message loud and clear but, perhaps not.  Time will only tell.  Unfortunately, we don't have too much time before the pitchforks and muskets are slung across the Patriot's shoulders and blood flows in the streets.

We are a Nation at war with each other and the only way to stop it is to return to the United States Constitution.  No matter the spin from the anti-Americanists from all political spectrums - including the GOP - if we do not return to our Constitutional foundations, nothing else will matter.

Here is the video released.  Some are calling this "The Countdown".  What it is a countdown of or towards is anyone's best guess.

Our Nation is defined by our Constitution but so many claim that we have lost our way.  I hear that sentiment from the "Democrats" and I hear the sentiment from the "Republicans".  When I hear the lame explanations from both as to what they mean, I am at a loss of words.  Neither explains their positions satisfactorily.  When I hear the Democrats explain their position, it is always, "we can do it better" but never explain The How.  Oddly enough, the Republicans are pretty much saying the same thing only prettier.  Both Parties can go straight to hell as far as I am concerned.

Wouldn't it be nice if at least the United States Constitution was actually mentioned and utilized to reconcile any Bill, any Law, any Policy or any Procedure from the Congress Critters in DC?  I'm not talking about the usual lip service we hear each and every day.  I'm talking about debating the merits of each and every activity in the now dysfunctional and dishonorable Halls of Congress as allowed by, sanctioned by and reconciled with via chapter and verse of the document each and every member of Congress swears to defend and protect.  Talk about a false bravado on their part.  It seems they swear that Oath as a mere formality and then procede to further their own political aspirations and power as they willfully sell the country down the river in the process.

Need an example?  National Heath Care or the "public option" rhetoric.  Just once, I would like anyone to cite and quote which enumerated power of any branch of our government - even the shadow units - authorizes such a "noble cause".  Stalin would be proud of our dysfunctional political leaders, wouldn't he?  Oh.  Did I say Stalin?  I meant to say Truman, the only president Obama hasn't identified with yet but should have.

To quote the Founder of ACCDF (ACTIVE) Pat Dollard: [...] To be clear, the United States of America is the Constitution of the United States of America. They are one and the same. Any individual or agency which seeks to subvert the Constitution, wage political and/or rhetorical war on the Constitution, are self-declared enemies of the United States of America, as they are waging war on the United States of America. [...]  I couldn't have said it better myself.  I have used other terminologies but never so succinctly as that.  Legislating around the United States Constitution is not only unconstitutional, it is by default an act of war upon the people of the United States of America because the Constitution belongs to We The People as stated in the Preamble of our founding document.  Try reading the document once in a while.  It was written not in congressese, legalese or poli-speak.  It was written in the "common folk" tongue - understandable and simple.

[...] On this point, it is imperative to note that each and every defender of the Constitution is obligated to recognize, in an unadulterated, non-foot-noted, caveat-free fashion, the single most important ugly, and threatening truth of the American socio-political landscape: America is now a land populated by two warring tribes, only one of which is actually comprised of Americans. The second is comprised of anti-American revolutionaries and their brainwashed dupes, who hide their status as insurgents by laying claim to the title of American by nothing more than citizenship. However, given that these individuals function, under craven cloak of denial, as anti-Constitutionalists, they are Americans in name only, and in fact have inarguably so defined themselves as anti-Americans. In fact, they are a people bound together by a Marxist ideology and revolutionary activities, in order to terminate the existence of the United States and replace it with an as yet unnamed Marxist nation, ruled by a Marxist dictator. The concept of an Anti-American, or anti-American activity, are not loose rhetorical notions. They are empirically defined individuals and activities. [...]

If one wonders who these traitors are, one merely has to review their public speeches, their bloviations on the bobblehead shows and most importantly, their voting records.  If they do not mention the United States Constitution by chapter and verse and cite the enumerated powers granted unto them by the document belonging to We The People, they are to be removed from office immediately - if not sooner - and never to be trusted with public service anywhere at anytime.

Many of the Leftinistra are too cowardly to leave comments on any articles I write on in regards to the United States Constitution because they cannot reconcile any government program which violates the enumerated powers clauses.  Some try and write their own articles and posts proclaiming their self-vaunted knowledge but, they never give examples.  Ever.  Why?  Because they cannot.  Why?  Because they don't know the United States Constutition.  They rely on the emotion rather than the intellect.  Why?  Because they are void of intellect.  End of discussion.

And here is the rub:

[...] In short, America is no longer engaged in a political debate between Americans, but a political war between Americans and America’s resident enemies, with the stakes nothing less than the survival of the country itself.

The titular leader of the anti-American insurgency, at present, is a self-described “former” Muslim, the most famous member of America’s most powerful Left-Wing Extremist grass-roots political organization, ACORN; a politician whose claims of “Democrat” political orientation are given the lie by his actual policy decisions which are all indefinable as anything other than Marxist; and whose primary life associations are all with the most notorious of America’s radical Left-Wing Extremists. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. [...]

Obama swore the Oath (twice - not his fault - but twice) and promptly started in with his complete inexperience in life.  He thinks the world is the slums of south Chicago and all the world needs is a little organizing.  To date, not one item he has established is constitutional.  Not one.  I have asked many a member of the American Leftinistra to give at least one while citing the specific enumerated power and to this date, none have been able.  The reason for that is obvious.  Oh, they give the usual lame emotional rants about racism, sexism and bigotry but in the end, they have no viable explanations other than their emotionally unhinged and unconstitutional lunacy.

Isn't it odd that the now "removed from service" DHS Reports stated that anyone demanding a return to the United States Constitution was to be considered a domestic terrorist when the very fabric and definitive core of our Nation is the Founding Document of which they fear?  And the "they" refers to anyone that tries to ignore or legislate around the very Constitution they swore to defend and protect.

A word of warning to all opposed to our Founding Document: should there be a time that someone "in power" states that the United States Constitution is no longer viable or our Law of the Land, we will come for you.  Bank it.  This is not a threat.  It is a fact.  If we do not have our Constitution, this is no longer a valid Nation nor is it a valid form of government.  It really is that simple and in our Founding Documents, as it is stated, we have the right and obligation to replace the tyrannical form of government that has usurped and subverted the Law of the Land.  End of discussion.

Marxism, socialism or any other morphed form or combined form of either is 180-degrees out of phase with the  United States Constitution and I triple-dog dare anyone to prove me wrong.

Bring it.

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Reader Comments (3)

Great article Snooper! Don't shoot yourself short though, you have said it just as well as Pat. I actually had one of the leftist's this weekend (it was my mother!) and I truely learned 2 things (maybe 3) in our argument. 1. Libs have no use for facts. I have heard this said before but this was the first time I have seen it in action. 2. If you throw out enough facts between their emotional outbursts, they will evetually refuse to argue. And maybe the 3rd....When you tell them to investigate the facts themselves, they refuse because they are afraid their world view will be turned upside down! My mom is a great person (and in her defense, she is from europe so she is used to the leftist view) but you would think that being here for over 40 years she would understand the principals this country was founded on. Oh well, I still love her ;-) Keep up the good work and...

Stay Active!!

Your Brother in Arms!

June 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSteve "MadRad" Radley

shit, not principals, I ment principles.....sorry


June 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSteve "MadRad" Radley

Facts to the anti-Americanist is like fingernails across a chalkboard.

June 15, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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