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Ambassadorships For Sale

Before I get into the article that Ed Morrissey has up about the various positions for sale in the Marxist Regime of our First Czar of the Disunited United Socialist States of Amerikkka, there is something else that is also for sale.  Prestige.  If your political slant causes you to veer away from the restrictions to the federal government as dictated by the United States Constitution, it seems like you can go as far as you'd care to in the every day business of raping the American People and being glad in it.

For instance, the much debated National Health Care "reform".  I never knew that we had National Health Care on the first place let alone needing to reform it.  When did we ever have it to start with and if we did have it, was was the constitutional foundation for it?  Was it Medicaide?  Medicare?  Are they constitutional?  I think not at least not on a federal level.  Regardless, any government run health care system is a state-to-state issue.  I guess I won't go far in politics.  Which brings us to the various nefarious "plans".

National Health Care cannot be reconciled with the USC unless you refer to the Big Lies of the Equal Protection and the much maligned and abused Commerce Clauses.  Through the years, the American Federalis have taken upon themselves very specific powers thus subjugating States Rights by legislating around the 9th and 10th amendments without actually amending the USC.  Pretty tricky, eh?  By the way, according to our Constitution, it is illegal and unconstitutional legislating around the constitution.  Just thought I'd throw that in.

The federal government has pretty much stated through the years that States really don't have any rights per se unless the Federalis say so.

Now, Obama has started selling Ambassador positions.  How crazy is that?  Well, if you are a Marxist enemy within now driving the bus, it isn't crazy at all.

Presidents have used the foreign service as a patronage system for decades, perhaps all the way back to the earliest years of the US.  Barack Obama promised to end the influence of the rich, though, in his “Hope and Change” campaign.  Jake Tapper reports that thus far Obama appears to like patronage systems as much as any other President, having appointed 19 ambassadors who contributed almost $5 million in the aggregate: [...]

[...] Again, every President uses the foreign service to reward big contributors, Republicans and Democrats alike.  It’s nothing new, but it’s also not “hope and change,” either.  Tapper and ABC report that Obama hasn’t been the worst President in terms of foreign-service patronage, but that he’s also got a number of positions left to appoint, too.

Don’t expect too much pushback from Republicans on this point, for all of the obvious reasons. [END]

What Ed doesn't bring up at all is troubling.  Through time, the SCOTUS and the Executive and worked together to elevate themselves above the legislative branch thus suborning submission in exchange for prestige and shared powers unto themselves.  This is clearly unconstitutional.

I have an idea.  What if we were to RETURN to our Constitutional foundation and inception?  Wouldn't that be a novelty?  So far, the only "push-backs" on any issue has been on rhyme and reason, emotional nonsense and theoretical reason.  No push-backs have been centered upon the United States Constitution.

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