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Multiculturalism At Its Best?

I received an email this morning and it was a link to a Fox News article: Mom Accused of Burning Daughter, 6, in Voodoo Ritual

The mother and grandmother of a 6-year-old New York City girl were charged with burning her during a Haitian voodoo ritual and then failing to get help for the crying child.

Prosecutors say Marie Lauradin poured an accelerant over her daughter Frantzcia Saintil on Feb. 4 during a Haitian practice known as Loa and made her stand naked in a ring of fire, engulfing her in flames.

Despite Frantzcia's cries for help, Lauradin, 29, and the girl's grandmother Sylvenie Thessier, 70, didn't seek medical treatment for her, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Instead, said Brown, Lauradin and Thessier washed her with cold water and put her to bed despite life-threatening burns over 25 percent of her body. He said another relative found her the next day.

Lauradin was ordered held on $50,000 bail at Thursday's arraignment on assault and child endangerment charges related to the incident. She denies the allegations, according to defense attorney Jeff Cohen.

The grandmother faces a later arraignment.

The girl went into foster care and is said to be doing better.

Using the alleged logic of the anti-Americanists in this nation, isn't this to be considered a normal activity?  After all, isn't this type of ritual an acceptable part of the immigrants into this nation?  Isn't this part of America's "melting pot" and acceptance of the cultures of others?

Just wondering.

In the process of emails firing back and forth, another sent in a possible headline.

Texan Drives to NYC Shoots and Kills Infamous Voodoo Mom

I thought that was funny.  Ater all, isn't that the culture of a Texican?

Then, there was another possible headline as a follow-up.

Papua New Guinea Cannibals move to NYC and practice lifestyle by eating Voodoo Mom…

Had I been drinking coffee at the time, there would have been hell to pay upon another Texican...wasting coffee spewing due to surprising statements is a criminal offense.

"Stuff like this happens everyday in the United States of America, but only recently has the main stream news outlets started reporting it.  In my opinion, this is a sign or symptom of the supernatural dark forces that have taken over this country in the past 40 years.  It's why I'm now fighting the fight on a completely different front.  This didn't happen in India or Africa, it happened right here in the United States.  In New York!" -- Joshua


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