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It's Not Fair To Casually Call People Racist?

Found at Memeorandum:

Are you kidding me?  The article is fairly good but it has the usual taint of "let's play nice-nice".  The last paragraph is the foreboding misnomer.  Real Clear (as mud) Politics (owned by TIME a libtard outlet):

[...] Judge Sonia Sotomayor deserves careful vetting by the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She may or may not deserve their vote. But those Republicans should seize this teachable moment to remember all of the fine candidates -- Pickering, Miguel Estrada, Robert Bork -- and many more who were so shamefully treated by the Democrats who have suddenly discovered the evil of baseless accusations. [END]

Baseless accusations?  Latina women are better than old white men?  Hispanics are better than white men?  Women are smarter than men?  That's not only a racist statement, it is also a sexist comment and I don't care how long ago it was said.

Mona Charen went on to give examples of when the Democrats attacked GOP nominees and how the Dems went on and on about racism cries and what not but what I didn't see was any mention at all about that dumbass Hollyweird broad Janeane Garofalo when she said the Tea Party people were racists - totally baseless and wrong.  Nor did she mention that ANY opposition to Obama is classified as racist and the Democrats do NOT condemn that activity.

Wake up Mona.

As soon as the demoturds start playing nice-nice, we MIGHT start calling spades ice picks.

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Reader Comments (2)

Yesterday, Rusha the Hutt, tried to look like just your average bigot...

Limbaugh: ”You know she [Sotomayer] would be the sixth Catholic on the Supreme Court and there are a lot of people worried about that, that does not bother me at all. I know a lot of Catholics and I love Catholics, but Sotomayor is a Catholic and she doesn't have a clear record on abortion and I'm, youuuu....overturning Roe vs Wade, that would be huge. I don't know if it will ever happen. I can see a possibility of supporting this nomination if I could be convinced if she does have a sensibility towards life.”

First the Georgia, “newt” and now the Florida, “round mound of drug addicted sound” that progress?

Yah and they called John Kerry a "flip-flopper"...Ha ha haa...!

June 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDumbe

As usual, you didn't read the entire "exchange" so your comment is void of content. Have fun moron.

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