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National Malaise and Our Cultural Cancer

There is an article at the American Thinker which is a must read and will ruffle the feathers of the very individuals that have brought about this economic boondoggle being exasperated by the current Administration, if we can call it that.  Personally, I call it a Dysfunctional gaggle of Marxist buffoons but, alas, I might be classified as  a name-caller.  My answer to that allegation is this; facts are hard to hide and Obama cannot reconcile that which he is perpetrating against the American people with the United States Constitution - the document he claims doesn't go "far enough".  Spin that.

"The Second Coming of Jimmy Carter", by Alan Aronoff, is the article I am referring to and I did borrow the "national malaise" in the tilte from the Aronoff piece.  Evidently, we lived through the Carter Dysfunctional Quagmire of dual digit unemployment, mortgage rates, inflation and a contrived fuel crisis among other things.  He sure did promote that Paper Tiger status, didn't he?  And, Obama is once again advancing that status as well.

For all the painfully obvious details on how the current economic insanity came about and who it was exactly that brought this all upon the American people as a whole, you will need to visit the American Thinker.  However, as for the Cultural Cancer...

I have written volumes on this topic and it is known as Cultural Marxism, comprised of the failed regalia of political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and identity politics.  Hyphenated Americans and the Leftinistra lusts of classifying people into "minority groups" has not developed anything remotely qualified as a positive influence in our nation.  Not one single identity politics play-book has had a lasting, long-term benefit to anyone anywhere in America.  All one needs to do is look at the metropolitan areas that are handled by and run by any liberalistic body of politicians whether they are people with an identifier of D, R or I after their names.  It's amazing.

The poor get poorer and are kept in an enslaved bubble created by those that say "we are here to help you" and that "government is the only thing that can make a positive environment".  If anyone actually believes that and can show no proof or substantiation, there is no hope for those individuals.  I would like a liberal from any political slant to prove me wrong.  I have invited many to try but none have come forward.  I have asked people to come onto my radio show to discuss this very issue and none have taken the gauntlet.  I can only surmise their cowardice outweighs their ignorance.

I don't think Hussein is the second coming of Jimmy Carter.  I think he is much, much worse and if Lenin or Stalin can hear and see from hell, I am sure they are very pleased with Obama.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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