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Iran: How the Story Unfolded

I have been "tweeting" under another account as was suggested and asked for by the Iranian people when all of this began to rise to the forefront.  I found it interesting as I refrained from writing about it as I allowed myslef to be a conduit in the struggle for Freedom in Iran that Obama and his Clansmen revealewd out utterly frightened they were of the "revolution" played out, grew legs, showed signs of fizzling out only to see a resurgency and having Obama pretty much saying it was time for ice cream and CAIR claiming that there was nothing to see.  Odd how the birds of feathers, Obama and CAIR, stuck together in this issue, isn't it?

Anonymous Iran

At any rate, below are the amassed internet inspired articles written by those I monitor.  Snippets will not be published, just the titles.  The titles will speak for themselves.  Click the ones that interest you.  I will try and place them in chronological order but there are no guarantees of the accuracy of the order.  Enjoy...or not.  The order of titles as I compiled them bears a story all in and of itself.

Iran Continues Playing Obama For a Fool : AHMADINEJAD GIVES PRESIDENT HUSSEIN LIST OF DEMANDS: FIRST, ACCEPT NUCLEAR IRAN : Iranians Put Obama On an Ass : Obama's "Muslim World Ass Kiss '09" Tour Continues Full Speed Ahead : Obama Reaching Out To al Qaeda? : Former Imprisoned Iranian Students Write President Obama : Obama's Letter to Ahmadinejad : UN Chief Has Hope-- Urges Obama To Start Talks With Iran : Change... Obama Now Believes Iran Is Nuke Threat : Breaking Intelligence Report: Obama to Drop Sanctions On Iran : Just a reminder: Obama doesn’t believe the sham NIE on Iran either : Iran Now Has Enough Enriched Uranium For Nuke Bomb : Iran ALREADY Trying Nuclear Blackmail : UN: Iran has enough uranium for one bomb : Its OK to admit Iran wants the bomb now : We'll meet again ........on the other side of an open thread : Obama’s Iran policy vague as internal admin departments fight for policy control : Ahmadinejad Meets With Obama's Cousin in Kenya : NUCLEAR IRAN: BOLTON BLASTS O-BAMBI : A Nuclear Iran: Obama's Dire Strait : Ahmadinejad Rants On To Receptive Audience : WITH HUSSEIN IN THE WHITEHOUSE, IRAN GOES NUCLEAR : Obama Reaches Out to Iranian Regime... Iran Says Try Harder : Bombshell: Iran nuke plan revealed in NYC indictment : Iran: Enemies & Obama Have Admitted Defeat In Iranian Nuclear Realities : Official Iranian News Agency Claims Holocaust a Hoax : Change?... Iranian Protesters Chant "Death to Obama" & Torch His Photos : The Looming Threat of a Nuclear Iran : Ahmadinejad to Obama: "You Are Weak, Your Hands Are Empty" "7,000 Centrifuges Are Spinning Today at Natanz, Mocking You" : CITIBANK AND GOLDMAN SACHS TO SET UP IN IRAN : Iranian weapons convoy sunk? : Can Ahmadinejad copy Obama's election slogan? Yes, he can | And Did...... : Gates: Bombing Iran won’t stop them from getting nukes  : Why attacking Iran may be morally and militarily necessary : Iranian Regime Holds Another Gruesome Mass Hanging (Video) : Ahmadinejad Can Speak on a US Campus, But Netanyahu Cannot : Iranian Clerics Promote Muqtada Al-Sadr to Ayatollah : Iranian Ayatollah Khatami: "Americans Are Not Human Beings" : Iran Tests Missile That Can Reach Israel : Iran Test-Fires Mid-Range Missile : Iran Again Claims Long Range Missile Test Success : Obama Gives Iran 1Yr for “Talks” to Work; Iran Responds By Firing Missile And Threatening Israel : Ahmadinejad's Brother Sees Gorbachev Fate For Obama : Iran Test-Fires Advanced Missile That Can Hit Israel & Europe : AMERICANS SAY U.S. SHOULD USE FORCE TO DISARM IRAN'S NUKES : Newsweek/Iranian Apologist - Fareed Zakaria - “Iran doesn’t want a bomb, no really!” : Newsweek Boob: Iran's Not a Dictatorship, Doesn't Want Nukes : Ahmadinejad To Obama: Yeah, I'd Like To Take You Up On That Promise To Meet This Year : Ahmadinejad Challenges Obama to Public Debate : 'Death to Potatoes' : Child Executions in Iran : Gunmen "Shouting Curses" Attack Ahmadinejad's Campaign Office : Team Obama Invites Iran to July 4th Events : Obama: Oil-rich nation’s nuclear-power aspirations “legitimate” : Obama - “Iran Has A Legitimate Need For Nuclear Power” : More Good News: Sensitive Nuke Info Mysteriously Posted on Web : Legitimate Right to Pursue Nuclear Energy : Understanding Iran's U.S. Policy : John Bolton on Taking out Iran's Nukes: The Upside and the Downside .... uh, what downside? : Springtime for Hitler ... In Iran : Poll: Iranian opinion of U.S. down five points since last year :

Ahmadinejad Claims Victory-- Obama Praises Sham Iranian Election ..Update: Mousavi Declares Victory : Iranian Regime Votes For New President : United Against Nuclear Iran Releases Video : Ahmadinejad: Iran's Progress Source of Pride to All Freedom-Loving People : Unreal. When Asked About Iranian Nukes Obama Points Finger at the US (Video) : CHANGE! Iranian Presidential Candidates Rally Supporters : Pray Iranians Send Mad Man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Packing as He lashes out at rival before Iran vote : Irrelevant Senator Defends Iran's Right to Enrich Uranium : Iran Goes To Polls; Heavy Turnout; And the Winner Is.... : Ahmadinejad Wins! Shocka! /not : Iranians Choose Terror Over Peace, Time For US & Israel To Act, No More Capitulation : Club-Wielding Regime Thugs Take to the Streets in Iran : Ahmadinejad Invites Obama to Debate at UN :

Ahmadinejad reelected, or maybe not : Change They Might Believe In? : Iran Gears Up for Sham Presidential Election ...Update: Iranian People Turn on Regime : Ahmadinejad & Mousavi Supporters Clash In Tehran! ...MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION! : Iranian Election Results Challenged : Analyzing the Iranian Election? : It sounds like Obama's election.................... : Senior U.S. official: Yes, the Iranian election was rigged; Update: 50-100 dead? Update: We’ll still work with Iran, says White House : "Obama excited by Iran's robust election debate" What A Dumb Ass : Ahmadinejad Declared Winner In Iranian Elections; Obama Administration Suspects Fraud : The Iranian Election Fraud And How Obama Is Legitimizing It : Ahmadinnerjacket's Victory met with real unrest. [krakatoa] :

Madness! Obama Administration Silent As Iranian Students Are Slaughtered in Streets-- Announce They Will Negotiate with Fraudulent Regime : Brave Iranian Woman Swing-Kicks a Regime Thug (Video) : CNN producer: Iranian students say they’re doomed if Obama accepts the election : Iranian Regime Thugs Are Beating Foreign Reporters In Tehran (Video Report) : CBS Headline: Meet Iran’s George W. Bush : Continuing Updates On Iranian Upheaval : Video: Iranian thugs beat protester to death in broad daylight : OUTRAGE!... CBS: "Meet Iran's George W. Bush" (Ahmadinejad!) ...Update: Bush's Message to the Iranian People : Twitter Out of Iran: #CNNFail : A normal day in Mahmoud the Madman's Iran..... : Iran: Election Protests Spread : Updates From Iran Via Twitter, Update: Major Violence Being Reported, Update: Media Ordered Out Of Iran & Film Confiscated  : At the brink: Ahmadinejad refuses to guarantee Mousavi’s safety : Iranians on Election: 'Tehran Hates Ahmadinejad' :

Iranian Election a Repudiation of Obama : Regime Unleashed-- Gunshots & Beatings In Tehran (Video) : Iran heading for Civil War : Ahmadinejad Cements Control As Iranians Dispute Results : Election Turmoil Complicates U.S. Overture to Iran (VIDEO) : Winds of change: The uprising in Iran : Riots in Iran: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy : Obama AWOL on Iran : Left Loses it over Iran Crisis : It's always been the Mullahs .............. : Serious Non-Civil Disobedience? Plus Video of the Massive Demonstration at Mousavi RallyUpdate: Vid of Regime's Basij Thugs Beating a Protester to Death : IRAN BLOWBACK : Obama Finally Speaks About Iranian Upheaval : Authors Claim in Washington Post that Ahmadinejad Really Was Winning 2-to-1 Before the Election; Article Refuted By Washington Post's Polling Blogger : Obama Finally Speaks: "I am deeply troubed by the violence I've been seeing on television;" "It's up to the Iranian people to determine their leaders." Update: Full Statement Added : Vid of Protesters Setting Fire to Basij OutpostUpdate: Obama Official Refuses to Condemn Brutality : Shame! Obama's Response to Iranian Violence-- Mush (Video) : Video: Iranian Basij Guards Fire On Massive Crowd at Azadi Square : Cantor Slams Obama Over Deafening Silence On Iranian Unrest : Obama on Iran: I cannot be silent, even though I was silent for three days : Iran Election: The Beginning of the End : What Can Obama Say About Iran? : Iran Round Up : ARMY Moving Into Tehran Against Protesters(?)... Protesters Torch Ahmadinejad : Iran: What next? : Iran To Recount Ballots : Iranian mullahs agree to recount ballots : Iran Election Riots : Iran cuts off foreign press :

Videos-- Basij Shooting From Rooftops... Doctors & Nurses Hold Protest In Street : Iranian Police Love Crackin' Skulls, Especially The Women : On Iran : Media and the Supreme Leader : 3 am and Iranian people get voice mail : Iran's Intolerable Meddling : Canada Joins Sarkozy & Germany-- Condemns Evil Iranian Regime : Iran Didn't Get Obama's Note, Accuses US Of Meddling : Iran blames US despite Obama’s waffling : Hamas helping Iran crack heads? : Has the Iranian regime lost its legitimacy with the people? : Awesome! Iranian Soccer Fans Wave "Free Iran" Flags & "Go to Hell Dictator" Banner : Iran photo of the day: Soccer team shows solidarity : Obama Disses the Opposition in Iran : Obama, Siding With the Regime : Video: Iranian protests gaining steam despite crackdown : Iranian Turmoil Continues :

Captain Obvious: Iran Wants Nukes : Iran Braces For More Violence-- Football Team Wears Green to Support Protesters... Hamas Helping Regime Crush Dissent : Senior Iranian cleric calls regime “illegitimate” : Obama on Iranian Protesters: 'Let Them Eat Hummus' : Iran vs. the Internet : Iran Reveals Extent of BDS : Obama Silent About Defending Freedom In Iran : False AP report: Obama did NOT say that Iran must respect voters’ choice [Reader Post] : Video: Pence calls on Obama to support Iranian protesters : Student Dies in Isfahan Dorms After Being Shot by Police (VIDEO) : Iranian Thugs Searching for Twitterers : Lovin' Tyrants: Obama Says Iranian Non-Election Won't Alter US Policy : Video: Murder in the Isfahan dorms : Amir Taheri: Excerpt, The Persian Night : Iran Round Up 2 : Escalation: “Troubled” Obama now has “deep concerns” about Iran :

Obama: "Diplomacy With Iran Without Preconditions" : State Department Spokesman Calls Iranian Repression And Murders "Debate" : Pali's Ginning Up the Violence Against Iranian Demonstrators: "people outside of Iran should be aware of is the participation of Palestinian forces in [crushing] these riots" : U.S. May Have to Apologize for Obama as He Picks Wrong Side in Iran : It Has Always Been the Mullahs : Obama Faces Islamofascist Reality : More Iran Round-Up : Video: Under fire, Iranian protesters storm Basij complex; Rumor: Revolutionary Guard deployed? : Defiance in the Face of Crackdown :

More at Memeorandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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