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A Spewing Dope of Ignorance At Fire Dog Dopes On Health Care

I cannot pass this up to try and explain to this waste of human excrement just how stupid this fool is.  I was going to turn in early tonight but an article title at Macsmind peaked my interest: Idiot Liberal Compares Slavery to lack of Healthcare.  The "idiot liberal" is none other than Glenn W Smith, an infamous libtard that wouldn't know what the United States Constitution was or is if it was nailed to the dolt's skull.

Listen to this driveling inanity based on the emotional tirades of an emotionally unhinged idiot:

“The gravity of America’s health care crisis is the moral equivalent of the 19th Century’s bloody conflict over slavery. This is not hyperbole, though the truth of it is often lost in abstract talk of insurance company profits, treatment costs, and other cold, inhuman analyses.

Today’s health system condemns 50 million Americans to ill health and death while guaranteeing health care to the economic privileged. It cannot stand.

About 18,000 Americans die each year because they lack health insurance. That’s more than a third the number of lives lost in battle during each year of the four-year Civil War.

Members of Congress without the moral clarity to recognize this equivalence will be condemned by history. Their spinelessness and lack of will when confronted with the power of the insurance industry is just as morally bankrupt as the American congressmen who bowed to Southern slave-owners.” [...]

Is that a bunch of unhinged stupidity or what?  Can we say, "they have nothing left than pulling the race card?" and can we also ask, "what in the world does the Civil War have to do with health care seeing the Civil War was not about slavery?"  Moron.

Here's what Macsmind had to say...

[...] Hardly know where to begin with this. But it’s typical of the hysteria the left tries to paint their belief that health care is a God given right, and all who oppose the Government has to give me a heart transplant for free are worse than those nasty old plantation owners.

I guess that one using this assasine analogy could say that greedy capitalistic mechanics “condemn” millions of motorists to broken cars on the highway, or even greedier DSL providers to strand surfers to the horrors of dial up!

Lawdy Miss Clawdy! [END]

Damn straight.  All the libtards have is emotion - their intellect is AWOL.  This health care "debate" is strictly a State to State issue seeing that the Enumerated Powers of the United States Constitution does not address the issue.  Therefore, instead of making a Constitutional Amendment to the United States Constitution to authorize the Federal Government to specifically provide each and every person in the universe health care, the CONgress Critters legislate it into existence based on emotional hype and hysteria.  A word of wisdom here: never give the emotionally unhinged the awesome responsibility to make serious decisions in life.

If the Sovereign States so desire for their State Governments to provide the people in their respective States, State Health Care, let them provide it themselves through their respective State Constitutions.  End of discussion.  According to the United States Constitution, the authority for this debate does not exist and don't hand me that Commerce Clause or that Equal Protection Clause idiocy either.  As far as I am concerned, the 14th Amendment was not lawfully or constitutionally ratified seeing that the "northern" legislature and legislatures would not seat the "southern" legislatures or legislators in the US Congress after the Civil War if the southern States did not ratify the 14th Amendment.  And, I will add that the southern States "ratified" the 14th Amendment at the barrel of a UNCONSTITUTIONAL Military Junta located in the southern States.  That's called extortion and that's also called illegal.

The libtards might want to actually read the United States Constitution and get familiar with our history instead of getting their panties in a snit and rewriting it for their own pleasure and unconstitutional wish list bravado.

PS I can hardly wait for the BDS drivel to start.  NOTE to libtards: I also pissed and moaned about GWB's unconstitutional garbage as well so don't even go there.  I'll grind you into dust.

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Reader Comments (1)

“The gravity of America’s health care crisis is the moral equivalent of the 19th Century’s bloody conflict over slavery."

What health care crisis is this dickhead talking about? Everybody in this country has health care available 24/7. Get sick show up a doctors office. Injured? Go to a hospital.
Not everybody has health insurance and that's for various reasons. Some people choose not to subscribe to insurance. Others can't afford it but that does NOT mean they have no health care.

Whatever Dufus Smith is smoking...stay away from it. Looks like it rots the brain.

June 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9
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