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Obama Claims Credit for Iranian Revolution

Isn't it just like a libtard to claim credit where none is due and to shed blame onto someone else?  It must be the Liberal Pathology.  Catch the wave at Memeorandum...

Washington Compost:

[...] Obama's approach to Iran, including his assertion that the unrest there represents a debate among Iranians unrelated to the United States, is an acknowledgment that a U.S. president's words have a limited ability to alter foreign events in real time and could do more harm than good. But privately Obama advisers are crediting his Cairo speech for inspiring the protesters, especially the young ones, who are now posing the most direct challenge to the republic’s Islamic authority in its 30-year history. [...]

Unreal.  Ed Morrissey states, "This is the most despicable, self-serving, and arrogant spin I’ve seen yet from this White House, and that’s saying something.  Obama gave a speech, and suddenly the people of Iran discovered that they’re being ruled by tyrants?"  Incredible, isn't it?  I remember the last Iranian revolution.  Do you?  For decades the Iranian regime executed their homosexual community in public.  They commiitted human rights violations for decades and now Obama takes credit for something that has been coming for decades?  Talk about "arrogance".

On many BTR shows in the last two weeks I and others made the assertion as Ed has in his article that Obama will try and spin this issue to his credit and he has.  Two weeks ago, Obama's silence was all very loud and his non-commitals was a statement all in and of itself.  Obama is a fraud.  Obama is a liar.  His apologists have brain damage from being libtards all of their Marxist and panty-waste lives.

Two weeks ago, I made the assertion that Obama was in trouble on three fronts on this Iranian issue.  1) His silence was so he wouldn't aggravate the Mullahs in case the Mullahs "won";  2) His silence was so he wouldn't aggravate the people rebelling in case the people "won";  3)  He has now, because of his non-commitals,  managed to get the distrust from everyone in Iran to the point that many people in Iran said they wanted GWB back.  And THAT is a slap in the face of every Marxist libtard in our Nation seeing that the libtards have been saying that the Iranian people hated GWB - clearly not true, meaning it was a lie.

The Mullahs are Obama's friends seeing that Obama has invited them to celebrate America's Independence Day celebrations while North Korea threatens to launch a missile in the direction of Hawaii.  Obama is dead-set against Freedom and Liberty - why else has he taken over MAJOR corporations strictly in violations of the United States Constitution under the guise of "we are here to help"?

Obama: FIC - Fraud In Chief

Obama: LIC - Liar In Chief

Obama: Breaker of Federal Law which is an impeachable Offense and he has done this at least three times with the IGs.

Stop The ACLU and Weasel Zippers have more input.

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