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Environmental Corruption: Dennis Prager Interviews Professor Ian Plimer

On April 27 of this year radio host Dennis Prager interviewed one of the leading earth scientists in Australia, geologist Ian Plimer, about his new book “Heaven And Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science”, which assails the hoax that is anthropogenic global warming. Professor Plimer says many things that cut to the heart of the science and the business it has become. I’ve transcribed just a few minutes of the 35 minute interview, consider it a teaser:

Dennis Prager: …If the social sciences have been corrupted, which I believe they have entirely in the Western academic world by political agendas, there was always the belief that if there’s a place where truth was dominant, it was in the natural sciences, and you’re telling me that’s not the case.

Ian Plimer: I think the natural sciences have now been corrupted. I think they’ve been totally politicized. I think the natural sciences now are driven by two groups. One group who go outdoors, collect the new evidence, who try to integrate a new interdisciplinary science to try to understand how the planet works. There’s another group who don’t collect this information, they sit next to their computer, model someone else’s data and come up with a conclusion, and then they go outside and find it doesn’t work. That’s what we’re up against now. The modelers are dominating the natural sciences, and the models they create are totally unrelated to reality.

Prager: …Modeling, as in computer modeling, we’re told what’s going to happen in 40 years. Is that what you’re referring to?

Plimer: Very much so, but they can’t even get it right a couple of years in advance. For example, the modeling that was done in 1990, did not tell us about a huge event, where we shift a massive amount of heat around the world, and that was the El Nino of 1998. It didn’t tell us that in this century it started to cool down. Just after a few years those models were absolutely and totally wrong. So what hope have they got at predicting what might be happening in thirty or fifty years time?

It gets better:

Prager: I was just reading the other day…you make the point…that we have had just as much time, in the geologic time that you measure, we have had half the time with ice caps in the arctic and half the time without them?

Plimer: The figure is a bit less than that. It’s about twenty percent of the time we’ve had ice. The rest of the time the planet has been warmer and wetter, and it’s been a wonderful, volcanic world, because every time we’ve had high carbon dioxide, we’ve had thriving life on planet Earth. It’s when we have low carbon dioxide content, and that’s as it is today in geological history, that we have life that seems to struggle a little bit.

Prager: So let me get this straight - for my layman’s brain. You’re telling me that 80% of recorded time, or of time that we can, not record, but measure, of Earth’s history…80% of the time there was no ice in the Arctic?

Plimer: That’s correct.

When did the ice that we see in the Arctic actually appear? Three million years ago. We’re in an ice age right now. Incredible! Again, if the Earth is warming, man ought to do all he can to help it along. A warmer planet is one that supports more life, more vegetation, and a healthier environment.

You can access the interview by signing up to the Itunes podcasts of American Conservative University (it’s free, and incredibly educational).  Since our congress is passing mammoth bills freezing out any economic activity for the next twenty years, we all better educate ourselves.  Lord knows they aren’t reading anything!

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Reader Comments (1)

What a shame that 99.9% of the worlds educated people cannot read.
30 seconds is all it takes to Google Wikipedia and look at the worlds populations, 306 million in the U.S.A. 854 million in Europe (2006) adds up to just about the same as China. With 6.5 billion people on this planet ( and numbers show most have never even seen a TV ) the non scientific politicriters will have you believe that without environment taxes in 10 years we are all going to drown or be burnt to death, looks like America has elected ''King Knut''

June 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFredlightfoot

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