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Another Moron Troll On Twitter

Just a couple ot tweets from an effete futz twit:

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 The use of the military by Bush and Cheney for their private power trips didn´t make America safer, it nearly destroyed the US.

Please take note of any substantiation.  Did IT offer any?  Naturally, no.  Why?  There is none.  Just the opposite is true so the uneducated troll reveals its lack of education.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Its your sick NeoCon logic: Go beserk over 1 abortion, but support NeoCon president when he kills tens of thousands of innocents

Please take note that this moron thinks I am a Neocon.  It obviously doesn't know what a Neocon is.  Go figure.

So, evidently, this futz thinks that the murder of approximately 50,000,000 unborn since the unconstitutional "ruling" of the SCOTUS in 1973 is quite alright.  Where this clown gets the "berserk" over ONE abortion escapes me seeing that I have never "gone berserk over 1 abortion".  Ever.  Poor thing.  It must have gotten its wires crossed which comes to no surprise.

Where this clown gets its information about a "Neocon president when he kills tens of thousands of innocents" is the usual source - fellow idiots.  Clowns like this never ever present substantiation for anything they opine and rail about because none exist.

Liberalism...its a mental disorder.

These just in from the troll.  Note ITS "udder" lunacy.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 That´s a new one. A NeoCon talking about facts. You wouldn´t know a fact from a porcupine if you saw one sir.#cot

Dumbass must be looking at itself in the mirror.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 I´ve been fighting conservatism and the evils sprouting from it for more than 30 years. I hope to see it destroyed in my lifetime.

Note the lack of examples.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 There aren´t many people in the world who don´t know what a NeoCon is after the havoc your war criminal President caused in Iraq

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Sweetheart, the world doesn´t need any more proof of NeoCon madness. We´ve had to endure eight years of it. You bore me. #cot

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Your dementia has reached a very advantaged stage, sir. You should stay in a safe environment, preferably with padded green walls.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 The clown than became president. Hilarious ads from around the world showing what they think of GW Bush #cot

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 GWB might be retarted & retired, but his manic philosophy of world control & religious crusades is very much alive in the US right

Again, this idiot has no proof or IT would post the substantiation.  Then again, if they had any, GWB would be on trial already.  These trolls are truly demented.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 When Will Dick Cheney's Tower of Lies Come Tumbling Down? The amazing antics of a career liar #tcot

OUTSTANDING!  IT got the #tcot right this time!  NO thanks from IT to me for the education revealing that IT is a moron troll or anything!  The poor thing linked to a useless post from the Huff and Blow Me web site.  ROFLMAO!!  Trolls.  At least they are an entertaining factor.

The poor moron does it again...

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Mr Pooper, I´ve already posted the link discussing the incredible life of lies Cheney lives. Here it is again

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 I appreciate the time and effort you devote to me on your website, Pooper. Unfortunately your rants don´t warrant the same #tcot

Um...the time isn't devoted to you, per se.  It is merely indicative of a libtard that is plainly and obviously retarded.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Just had a look at your website. How on earth do you justify wasting such a lot of time on such trash? Are you unemployed? #tcot

AHA!  Under the skin once again.  That's my job.  Thanks for noticing.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Cheney 2009: Never any evidence to prove that Iraq was involved in 9/11. 2004: The evidence is overwhelming. one ever said Iraq had DIRECT involvement with 911.  However, the evidence is overwhelming that Iraq was in fact invloved with AQ and terrorism as a whole.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Support the cause of a military dictatorship in the USA! Buy Dick Cheney´s latest book Mein Kampf 2009 today.#tcot

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Please Mr Pooper NeoCon, don´t use words that you don´t understand. Words like truth, honesty, facts, and, yes...milquetoast #tcot

Poor thing.  IT still hasn't answered if IT knows what a neocon is.  Pathetic.

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Reader Comments (14)

Liberalism...its a mental disorder.

True, but it can be eliminated...

June 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexasFred

Yep. They need the little red pills.

Got to love the trolls where else would we get some of our entertainment

June 7, 2009 | Registered CommenterStix

brain dead idiots they are

This ruptured libtard has just landed planet earth apparently. The true evil of our lifetimes is liberalism, which really isn't liberal at all. True liberals are very rare. Most liberals have gone so far left they are socialists or communists. Everything is upside down to them.

I would like someone to name one....just one liberal policy that has ever worked as planned. And when it's named provide verifiable proof that it worked.

June 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

Wow Snooper, that post could have come directly from our days at Same old tired crapola!

Your trouncing of the troll never gets tiring though -- very entertaining.

June 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

That's too much to ask for #9!

That's right CP! That is proof that they all attend the same Talking Dulls and Spread Lies classes.

I am sure this troll and many others went to some of the "Anti-war" demonstrations and read some of the great literature that the World Worker's Unite were selling. It amazes me that the so-called Liberals are getting taken over by Marxists and Communists, and are being used as "Useful Idiots".

What ever happened to JFK Democrats??? At least they loved the country and supported the troops.

June 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterStix

One more leftist slug to crush.

June 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAL

The JFK Democrats have been silenced due to emotional tirades of the loser class of Leftinistra.

It isn't hard to crush cockroaches.

Cockroaches can live thru nuclear winter. They are very hard to crush. You get rid of some but they keep on coming, just look at the Anti-War protests and see the literature that they sell. They are all sponsored by big time Marxist Organizations, and most are too stupid to realize they are being used by Those organizations.

June 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterStix

First, they have to have minds of their own. That ain't gonna happen so we will have to crush them just as long as we have life to do so.

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