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Hussein the Never Ending International Embarrassment

So Obama refuses to have dinner with the leader of the host nation of France because he is so busy and will do so another time but has time to go on another date night with Michelle in downtown Paris while on the international campaign trail.  Wonderful.  What an effete futz.

I suppose when one sees themselves as the leader of the universe one can tell any nation on the globe just how much they suck.  He told the Germans how evil they were during the slaughter and murder of millions of Jews but it wasn't the German people that perpetrated the was the Nazi regime.  It is obvious how little Obama knows of world history or he has knowledge of world history but is trying to rewrite world history as well as our own.

He says that the USA was influenced by Islam from the beginning and presented no proof of that - because it doesn't exist.  Liberals do that, you know.  Present wishful thinking as fact or present untruths (lies) as fact because they wish "it" were so, whatever the issue "it" is.  Liberals never present substantiation.  It's against their religion.  Other than that, HAMAS now has an idol and a cheer leader in Obama.

Obama demands that there be a two-state solution for the ongoing issues between Israel and the mythical nation of Palestine when time and time again the mythical nation of Palestine has rejected the notion.  While Obama demands this he states that one nation cannot dictate to another nation and if they do, it is a mistake and the offending nation has lost its values.  Can you define double standard?  Even Saudi Arabia says that the two-state solution is ludicrous because it is going to take a fifty-seven state solution.  Its curious how that number fifty seven keeps popping up.

Douglas V Gibbs states, and I wholeheartedly agree (only because I have said the same thing about Democrats in general for years) that "Obama's Speech Increases Risk Against the United States".  At times I think it is a purposeful tactic of the left to place the nation as a whole at risk but there are other times that I think it is mostly due to their lust for power which blinds their intellect.  No one in their right (correct or sane) mind would so lust for power that they would consciously use the nation as a political football so the enemy would use that intellectual void of their enemy to their advancement.  Would they?  Either way, the liberal mind reveals an intellectual void due to the mental illness that infects their minds.  Drs Krauthammer and Rossiter have shown this to be a fact but, the basic liberal, having no conscience at all to speak of, cannot and will not acknowledge their infirmities.  The most recent examples are Obama's speeches in Cairo, Germany and France.

Not once did he praise the nation he represents and for what reason no one can explain other than the intellectual void he himself suffers from due to the mental imbalance of his liberal mind.  For instance, what other international leader has ever traveled to a foreign land and decimated his or her own nation in front of a foreign audience?  For that matter, how many other foreign leaders have abased their own nation and their own military on their own turf?  How about, none?  Yet, the American liberal does that day in and day out for the sole purpose of political gain and political power.  So, if the entire world does hate us, it isn't because we are the world leader - it's because of the American liberal.

Michelle Malkin has explained this liberal phenomenon in a single quote: "When a right-wing Christian vigilante kills, millions of fingers pull the trigger. When a left-wing Muslim vigilante kills, he kills alone."  Plug in any issue at all that you would care to plug in and the outcome is identical.  The American liberal and as far as liberals go, any liberal across the globe, will never accept personal responsibility for anything.  Personal reponsibility?  It is always the fault of another or at least the fault of a particular happenstance or circumstance which is ultimately out of their control.  Their opposistion is not afforded that "courtesy" if we can call it that.  The "not me mentality" is reserved to the American liberal primarily and world-wide liberalism as a whole ideolology.  It seems that some children never grow up although most children eventually do grow out of it.

Obama allegedly "banned" lobbyists and then welcomes them back with open arms when no one is paying attention or, at least when he thinks no one is paying attention.

Barack's suicidal spending has reached a point where the vast majority of Americans have said enough is enough yet, he and his ilk keep on spending many times more than the compassionate conservative Bush did.  However, when Obama constantly flip-flops on taxes all depending upon who he is talking to or whichever direction the wind is blowing, it's hard to tell just what he does or does not believe - all part of the greater distraction.

Have you ever noticed that Obama has an eerie collection of roots?  No matter the audience, he claims he has roots where "they" are.  That's just flat-out weird.  In Germany, he claimed to have German roots.  Man!  This guy gets around, doesn't he?  He even found an image of himself in Egypt complete with big ears.  During the campaign it was very much anti-PC to talk about his ears.  Now?  Open season.

Some are saying that Obama has renamed Omaha Beech at Normandy to Obama Beech via an alleged Freudian slip.  I'm not so sure but, that is just me I am sure.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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