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Obama Visits Europe, Europe Turns to Conservatism

How's that as a legacy?  Obama vists Islam World, impunes the USA and tells Jihadis in code-speak to destroy Israel.

Obama visits Germany and tells the world how evil the German people are for murdering six million Jews.

Obama visits France and tells the President of France that he doesn't have time to dine with him and his wife but goes on a date with the hate-filled wench he married.

At Normandy, Omaha Beach is renamed Obama Beach by that other moron Gordon Brown.  Slip of the tongue or an intentional Freudian slip?  Who knows?  Ony the shadow knows!

From Hot Air:

First, the British Labour party lost local council elections across the UK, including in Wales for the first time in almost a century.  Next, Geert Wilders’ conservative party won the EU elections in the Netherlands.  Now, in EU elections across the Continent, conservative and center-right parties have won across the board, giving momentum to a conservative revolution in the heart of Socialism Lite. [...]

Lookin' At Me You Skinny Cracker Beotch?OOPS!  There goes those drugs the rezident troll said IT wanted on another article here at the Snooper Report when I reported on the rebellion in the New York State Senate.  Poor idiots.  It may have been this very obvious slight on the part of Obama's evil and hate-filled wench.  The wench couldn't even bring herself to wear black for the occasion at Normandy Beach.  WAIT!  Obama said that he shed his whiteness in his book that Ayers wrote so maybe the wench is just trying to make up for it?

This slide to the Right in Europe has been coming on slowly and in recent months, thanks to the Obama Clansmen and his handlers have revealed to the world that if the USA goes to the Marxism evilness, they are doomed.  So, apparently they are not going to go in that direction.  Obama must be crying.  I can only surmise just how pissy the wench is going to be in the coming weeks.

Surely the results in Lebanon have Obama curiously at odds with his other self.  Hizballah lost?  Even though they were killing the family members of their opposition?  What?  The people of Lebanon chose Freedom over a fascists state?  Maybe Obama can give Hizballah a condolences call.  Just think.  Europe turning to the Right and Lebanon choosing Freedom all came as a result of the Obama World Tour III to piss enough people off to turn to the other direction.  What's next?

Europe Rejects Socialism in Elections for European Parliament

Conservatives racing ahead in EU parliament voting
By Constant Brand And Robert Wielaard
Associated Press
June 7, 2009

BRUSSELS – Conservatives raced toward victory in some of Europe’s largest economies Sunday as initial results and exit polls showed voters punishing left-leaning parties in European parliament elections in France, Germany and elsewhere. [...]

Poor moonbats in Europe.  No wonder their counterparts in the USA are acting so pithy!

European Tea Leaves for Conservatives

But it is not a lost cause, for as Carter gave way to Reagan, Obama’s left-wing policies and programs may lead to a new conservative revolution. In fact, there are signs now from Europe that the purported "death of conservatism" has been greatly exaggerated. As the BBC reports tonight, in European Parliament elections this weekend it appears that Center-right parties have made major gains ... [...]

Center-Right Wins Big in EU Elections

[...] Many Socialists ran campaigns that slammed center-right leaders for not spending enough to stimulate faltering economies.  They lost. [END]

We see that happening right here in the States as well.  Get used to it libtards.  Libtard ideology has ALWAYS failed no matter where it is tried.

Conservative Renewal in the EU?

[...] As I predicted, let America have enough of failing liberal economic policy between now and the coming elections and you’ll begin to see a likewise shift here.

True conservatism is well on the way to victory! [END]

Macsmind isn't the only one that has been predicting this, either.  Like I said earlier, get used to it libtards.  Get used to it.

More meanderings at Memeorandum...

Left-Leaning Parties Falter in Europe

[...] What does this mean for the U.S.?

See Charlie Cook's analysis, "
A Split Decision In 2010 Races?
" [END]

If today's event in the New York State Senate is any indication, this is all bad news for the anti-Americanists in the DNC and the RNC.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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