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Hollyweird HATES America

Yes, I know.  Hollyweird does hate America and that has EVERYTHING to do with that damned List of 45.  Get over it but!  Brittany Fortier writes in the Campus Report Online, Hollywood Hates America and she quotes Jack Marino, the movie producer that is getting quite a storm going for his movie the Forgotten Heroes.  Here is an excerpt...

Conservatives are a rarity in Hollywood, but director and producer Jack Marino is proud to be giving them a voice in the industry. Marino’s feature film Forgotten Heroes salutes the veterans of the Vietnam War and shows how the involvement of the Soviet Union impacted the conflict. Set in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, the film tells the story of a group of “Kelly’s Heroes” who risk their lives to rescue a Russian general who has chosen to defect to America.

Marino said that the idea for Forgotten Heroes came out of his desire to show American soldiers in a positive light. “I thought the way that [Vietnam veterans] were treated [by the anti-war movement] was despicable,” he told this correspondent on June 28, 2009. “The entire [Hollywood] machinery … just attacked anything about the veterans in film after film … They took it out on the guys who really were completely innocent of anything.”

Another inspiration for Marino was his previous experience working with Vietnam veterans and being able to hear their personal stories. “They [Vietnam veterans] came back from the war, they always said it was the highlight of their life … I never knew any Vietnam Vet who was bitter,” he said.

Marino said that the Democratic Party and the Democratic Congress “basically abandon[ed]” the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. “We stopped Communism for years and then when we pulled out … 3 million people were killed in Cambodia and we don’t know how many were killed in South Vietnam,” Marino said.

Marino added that the left has “tried to rewrite history, saying that we lost the war, when in actuality we won every battle there.” After seeing Oliver Stone’s movie Platoon, Marino decided to create a film that would contrast the left’s version of the Vietnam War and show a side of the conflict that other films had not explored.

“I wanted to make an old-style World War II movie … and [incorporate] it into a Vietnam setting,” Marino said. Through this approach, Marino was able to follow in the tradition of his favorite movies such as A Walk In The Sun with Dana Andrews and Objective Burma with Errol Flynn.

Distribution of Marino’s film has been done strictly through the private sector. Marino says that being funded outside the business gives him more personal freedom to make the movies he wants to make without having to answer to Hollywood studios, which he refers to as “the mob.” [...]

Most excellent and the word is in fact getting out people...Hollyweird SUCKS Democrat spunk!  The Mob...Hollyweird moguls...the holy dog snot anti-Americanists.  Scum.


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