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Maxine Walters - ASSHAT! Tea Party People Are All Homosexuals

This woman is a CLASSIC ASSHAT!  She wants to socialize the Nation's oil industry.  She wants to own every company in America.  She is a communist moron with demented brain cells oozing from her ear balls.  Classic ASSHAT.  Who keeps voting this MORON back into office?

American Power: Maxine Waters Wants Probe of 'Birthers' and 'Teabaggers' (AUDIO)

Maxine Waters is reallly too much some times. See, "Waters: Probe 'Birthers and the Teabaggers' at Rallies for Racist Views." [...]

He has quite a bit at the post but the video is pretty much the thing.

She is, like I have said before, is a classic ASSHAT.  Have I said that already?  Just wondering.

Gateway Pundit, "Maxine Waters: Media Should Probe the "Birthers & Teabaggers" at Rallies."

Plus, from Voting Female, "Maxine Waters Calls All Tea Party Protesters Homosexuals in her Latest Attack on Free Speech: For Those Who Haven't Figured It Out Yet ...'Tea Bagger' is a 'Male Homosexual'":

Way to Go, Maxine Waters, you Socialist Racist Anti-Constitution Anti-Homosexual Anti-White ASSHAT! Show the World just how much of a BIGOT YOU REALLY ARE!

Leave it to a MOONBAT TROLL Like Rep. Maxine Waters to denigrate freedom loving rightfully dissenting Americans by calling them all Homosexuals and attacking them as Homosexuals.

While we have all witnessed the likes of Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann using such personal attacks on constitutionally protected Political Dissent, these two idiots are not members of Congress and loss of respect for you, Maxine Waters, by the Greater American Public, for a Congress Man or Woman to use these tactics and these Minority Pejoratives is a WHOLE OTHER KETTLE OF FISH.

Keith Olberman has been dismissed as a Wall Eyed Manic by Mainstream America and Janeane Garofalo’s career as a professional comedian has been destroyed by her own behavior.

For the Socialist DEM Political Party Office Holders in Congress, who pretends to defends the Homosexual Community, to use Extremely Offensive Slang Terms like Tea Bagger as an insult to Tea Party Protesters is equal to calling Tea Party Protesters, Red Neck NI*GERS.

The Only Difference between calling people Tea Baggers and calling people Nig*ers is which Minority Group’s Perjorative is used for personal attacking purposes on people.

Weasel Zippers, "Maxine Waters (D-Gestapo) Wants "Teabaggers" Interviewed to see if They're Racists ..."

Memeorandum for more twits and good guys.

Why is this woman so AGAINST Tea Party attendees?  Why is she so against homosexuals?  Isn't she FOR homosexuals?  Why is she calling Tea Party attendees homosexuals?

Maxine Waters.  ASSHAT!

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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