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It Is Constitution Day

It's Constitution Day.  What does this mean?  Does it mean that we legislate around the Founding Document of this Nation?  Does it mean that we utilize our self-worth to eliminate the very document that started this Nation?  Does it mean that we take our Founding Document and ignore the very tenets it stands for?  Do we take what the document represents and shame the very Framers which presented the document to the American People?  Do we take the document and utilize our frames of mind to circumvent its very meaning?  Do we take the document our Founding Fathers brought to us and consider it to be a legal inconvenience and say it doesn't go far enough?  Do we take the protections described in the document and get around the protections, give the government all the power and leave the American People in the dark?

Does the United States Constitution need to be addressed as toilet paper-the thing it represents now?  Or, do we take the United States Constitution and amend the document to make it state in the record that 95% of the United States Congress has stated what it means?.

What say the American People?

What do we do with this - this - this document?

What do the people think?

What and who are the Orcs?  Do they come down on us, bearing as much hate and fire as they so desire?  Do they dare usurp the Power of the Almighty?  Are their swords, staffs and lances enough to defeat the unworthy?  Who are the unworthy?  Who are the worthy?  Who determines the unworthiness and the worthiness of the souls around them?  Which is right?  Which is wrong?  Who or what are the arbiters of that which is right or that which is wrong?  Who decides?  Who are the Judges? What gives them the rights to do what they do?  Or don't do?

Who or what creates the laws in this Nation and from where do they determine their bounds?

Who or what teaches who or what to anyone?

Who or what determines when one law overshoots, overrides, subverts or caused another law to go unabated, uneventful, unfashionable, unenforceable or just flat out wrong?  Or good?  Who knows?

What are laws?  Why have laws?  What are rules?  Why have rules?  What are regulations?  Why have regulations?  Who makes the rules?  Who makes the regulations?  What are the undertones or the bounds of any law, rule or regulation?  Is is just as the moment is determined?  What about the next moment?  And the next?

And the next?

In the United States of America we have a Founding Document called the United States Constitution.  We also have another document called the Declaration of Independence.  Through a series of talks the Articles of Confederation were formed and after a while the United States Constitution was formed.  Along these lines, the British Empire's Common Laws were cast aside and the Law of Nations by Vattal was used.  Can you imagine that?  British Common Law was cast aside.  Interesting.

How was that determined?  Why would British Common Law be cast aside?  Has anyone talked to the Judges in this country about that yet?

Law of Nations?  Who said that Nations had laws and who said so?

It is our Framing Document.  Don't mess it up.  If you want Obamacare, AMEND the Constitution to make it be so.  If not, let the 10th Amendment stand and let the States address Health Care.  According to the Constitution, currently, that is where this subject belongs.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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