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Afghanistan: Do We Win Or Do We Lose

I mentioned the Afghanistan War yesterday moments after the news was leaked from General McChrystal as he issued his statements and assessments of the region to The Obama.  It was leaked, in my opinion, because The Obama would have stifled the news.  Why?  Because he has said in his campaigning that Afghanistan is the war to win and now he isn't so sure thanks to his far left anti-Americanists.

Now, we have the UK Talks Afghanistan Troop Reduction.  Now the UK isn't always so bright in their news releases and this may be a ruse to see what America will do in Afghanistan.

From Ace: Report: McChrystal To Resign If Not Given More Troops Per Obama's Campaign Promise

[...] This is one of the reasons I think Glenn Beck is wrong. Yes, Obama has galvanized conservatives and united them.

On the other hand, that comes at a steep price, doesn't it?

I always viewed the left's agitation to lose wars for political advantage as disgusting. I know few on the right are enthused that Obama's paving the way for surrender to Al Qaeda, but that same sort of disgust keeps from saying "Oh, on the whole, it's a good thing Obama's president, because he's so atrocious it's uniting us."

I'm sure losing the war in Afghanistan will also contribute to conservative solidarity.

On the other hand, it's a war to be lost that even the Incompetent in Chief called a "war of necessity." [END]

Obama is a weak-kneed sycophant plain and simple.

From Ed Morrissey: Will McChrystal resign if Obama doesn’t act?

General Stanley McChrystal’s assessment of the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater and request for more troops has not yet received any action from Barack Obama, but according to McClatchy and the Long War Journal, he may not have a lot of time to make a decision.  McChrystal has grown frustrated with President Obama’s “deliberative pace,” and may resign if Obama chooses not to act on his request.  The commander of the Af-Pak theater followed Obama’s strategic decisions from the spring to their natural conclusion, and may not remain if Obama reverses course now: [...]

[...] But would McChrystal resign?  My guess is that he would only do so in the last extremity.  If he believes that Obama has no intention of fighting seriously, then McChrystal would pack his bags.  If it just comes down to a dispute over troop levels, those can be resolved with good communication.  The fact that this report got leaked (as well as the threat to resign) indicates that communication has degraded significantly between the White House and its top commander in the war zone, which is a separate but related matter. [END]

A separate but related matter?  What the hell does that mean?  The significance of Obama's break down over Afghanistan is clearly a result of his campaign maneuver and he has no intentions of a worthy battle and war as he said so in his campaign speeches.  Obama is a liar.  He has his far left anti-Americanists to worry about and those damned troops are mostly republicans so screw them!

General McChrystal must stand his ground and succeed.  Period.

American Power: Obama Fiddles on Afghanistan

[...] I don't have too much to add, except to say I'm not surprised. I was pleasantly surprised earlier this year when the administration pledged an additional 20 thousand troops to the deployment. I even gladly said at the time that I supported the administration (strange for someone like me who knows that Obama's an inveterate liar). But with Obama's wavering now, he's completing the ideological circle that has formed his radical platform. It's kind of a bait and switch concession to the antiwar activists, and no doubt many of them were just waiting for Obama to come around to their side in any case. [...]

AMEN.  Impeach the bastard now!  If the Afghanistan War Front is to be lost, Obama will do it.  He's a pig.

More at Memeorandum

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