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An American Mass Transit Attack

See my previous posts A Terror Plot Busted(?) In NYC? and More Terrorist Attack Data for NYC - Sept 14th, 2009.

Three terrorists have been arrested for LYING to the Feds.  I was just wondering what is so illegal about LYING to the feds but that's just me.  Anyway, today we have the following posts up:

Michelle Malkin: The jihadi threat to rail security

The arrest of terror suspect Najibullah Zazi has re-focused Obama’s homeland security officials on the ongoing jihadi threat to rail security.

Mass transit systems across the country are on renewed alert: [...] go read the rest

[...] After my column appeared, Amtrak officials confirmed that OSSSO unit members had their long-arms taken away and that West Coast OSSSO members remain uncommissioned due to union squabbling in California.

“Amtrak fully expects to have a resolution in the near future,” I was told.

Dickering while jihadis plot.

Forever stuck in 9/10 mode. [END]

Dan Riehl: Mass Transit On Alert Due To Colorado Plot

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI sent a bulletin to transit agencies Friday repeating past warnings to be on guard for attacks on mass transit systems, and identifying hydrogen peroxide-based explosives as a specific risk. Federal officials called the notice "precautionary", and said it included possible countermeasures such as random checks of stations, trains and buses.

Local officials in Washington said the bulletin specifically mentioned Grand Central Station in New York City, but said they have nevertheless increased the number of random patrols. Because there was no specific threat for this region, Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said police have not implemented random bag searches.

Pamela Geller: New York City on High Alert for Islamic Bomb Attacks: Scouring Stadiums, Mass Transit, Hotels, Entertainment Complexes UPDATE: "Especially Troubling" Revelations on Muslim Suspects, 9 More BEING SOUGHT

Bomb sniffing dogs are out in force. New York City is in a low grade state of war readiness, though clearly on the defensive. Is this any way to fight a war?

Law enforcement officials speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss details of the investigation told The AP that more than a half-dozen individuals were being scrutinized in the alleged plot tied to Zazi (the nazi). Considering Obama's banning of interrogation techniques, don't expect these would-be killers to be forthcoming. More of the poisonous fruits of appeasement.

Ray Kelly, NYC City Police Commissioner, is giving a press conference on the current situation. The NYC transit system was targeted in the latest bust of a Muslim cell of jihadis targeting New York City. [...] go read the rest

A Blog For All: Counterterrorism Investigation Continues In New York

After making public denials over the weekend that he had anything to do with jihad or al Qaeda, authorities say Najibullah Zazi has now admitted to being a jihadist who received training at one of al Qaeda's camps in Pakistan. The FBI and NYPD continue combing storage facilities across Queens in search of explosives and other terror-related materials. [...] UHOH!  Go read the rest

The FBI is looking for 12 other people...I mean terrorists.

Warnings have been issued to law enforcement about potential targets like arenas, stadiums, and hotels.

See Fox News

See the Weekly Standard on missing terrorists

See the NRO

So, a bunch of terrorists "got away" because turf wars were in place and now we are running around trying to figure stuff out that SHOULD have been taken care of BEFORE folks were arrested for LYING to the cops.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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