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Just In Case Anyone Wants To Know...Obama Is A Quack

President Obama's Military Failure. Be nice Doug. “VIP” Treatment Under Nationalized Health Care. Yeah. Right. The Congress Crittes are not affected by it. They get their "fair share" on the tax payers' dime. Obama: Yeah, looks like AQ to me. Really? When did he figure itr all out? Back in October? Obama. ASSHAT! Obama and his asshattery needs to be eviscerated from public service anywhere and that includes his FAILED community organizing gigs. Obama Admin Denies Americans At War With Al Queda. I sure wish he'd make up his mind. He just admitted to whatever everybody already knew and knows and we aren't at war with Al Qaeda? So, who in the hell are we fighting? Most reassuring headline of the year (so far). OH MY GOD! We are going to find out real soon, pals!

I am so full of the warm fuzzies now...carry on

The Bush "era of secrecy" is over, the Obama "era of freaking weird labyrinthine secrecy" begins. Interpol? Interpol? Have we heard from Interpol yet? KNOCK KNOCK! Xe Contractors Killed In CIA Attack. Good job Czarboe! Can we spell escalation? Feds Admit To 2nd Detroit Airliner Arrest. Darn. I knew about the SAME day! Where has everyone been? “Have you ever in the past misused your access to databases that the government maintains, other than this one incident…?” Yeah. Reported on this seveal times now and it keeps getting more weirder and weirderer. Mike Allen / The Politico: Flashback: GOP blamed Clinton for 9/11. And the Clintonistas are liars too. But, then again, Bush does everything. Shocker: Yet another government intervention failure story. And how many on the list is this one? Banking and mortgages. The democrat party and the democrats in drag boondoggle. It doesn't work. It never has worked and it is getting worse by the day. Somali Pirates Seize British Cargo Ship. Jihad at work under Obama. Good job Mr Appeaser. Richard Branson Compares His Company to Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan. More double speak from an Obamabot. These idiots HATE capitalism but that's how they made their money. get it? Obama's 'Making Home Affordable' Program: False Hopes Among People Who Simply Cannot Afford Their Homes?. More gaffisms from The to make money by not doing anything. Fitzgerald: Eric Holder, The American Government, and the Diminishing of Public Trust. It's all about the internet and the way we find things out that is triping these hoodlums up. Who trusts the government? About 30% of the Nation. And that's a "mandate". ObamaCare: Should Republicans Have Negotiated on Health Care Bill?. One day the Republicans - the ones that aren't like democrats in drag - are going to figure out that no one can negotiate with a group of people that want to run you over as soon as you are done appeasing. Obama's problems with the intelligence community. First clue? He is a MORON! Most of the intelligence community HATES each and every democrat and that's life. Montazeri's son: "It could be an Islamic Republic, a secular republic, or as far as I am concerned, even a monarchy. The main thing is that people can live in freedom and in prosperity.". And Obama cries. He yaks about "freedom" but it is his OWN "freedom" he likes and not yours. 2009 Donors To Clinton Foundation. The Clintons. The Obamas. Same same. Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional. UHOH! Another constitution speech! SHut up. Nanna and Reidles seem to think that the Will of The Congress will be done. Obama Connects al Qaeda to Jet Plot, But Fails to Connect Global Jihad. Right. We aren't at war with anyone. We just made it all up. They Have Awoken a Sleeping Giant America. 10,000 Patriots show up and tells Obama and his clowns to STFU! RACISTS! Death Toll Tops 100 In Fearsome Pakistani Suicide Attack - With Video. Jihad, Jihad, Jihad. New York Times: Why Didn't They See It?. Flight 253 jihadist wasn't cured by Saudi anti-jihad art therapy. Art therapy. Too much. Wall Street Journal: Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional. Newsweek Blogs: White House Adviser Briefed in October on Underwear Bomb Technique. It’s Official ... Obama Loses More Jobs In One Year Than Any President In Modern History. GREAT NEWS! We are getting closer and closer to that everyone is equal thing! Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Terrorism On Their Watch. Screw them all. But, are we at war? Editor: It Is “Un-American” And “Traitorous” For Republicans To Disagree With The One- With Video. Screw Salon.

That's all for now. I have a show to do. BTR, Founding Truth.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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