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Obama's Terrorist Offenses and Other Obama Failures Part 2

The ongoing failures of Obama and his clan of world wide Global Cultural Jihad is back and is back in style.

Obama Warned of Imminent Attack 3 Days Prior: "This Was Handled Properly".  Yep.  He knew all about it and that's why he tok three days to see what was what before he opened his yapper.  Al-Qaeda's second banana calls on Muslims to "disinfect" North Africa of Spanish and French.  The flag of open Jihad right there.  No matter who you are or what you represent, if you are against Jihad you must vanish.  No matter the "liberal" tones, you are all hung out to dry.  "Youths" torch over 1,000 cars across France overnight.  Attack Jihad?  Thou shalt burn.  FINALLY Bi-Partisanship: Democrats Join Calls for Napalitano to Step Down.   Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack.  Bipartisan?  My ass.  The democrats are doing this because they see the writing on the wall and they want to keep their jobs in the 2010 elections.  Vote them OUT!  Arizona school linked to Turkish Islamic supremacist threatens parents Home Grown Haji In The USAHomegrown jihad in Detroit: “America must fall”.  Why is Jihad allowed in this Nation?  Is it our Constitution?  Is it PC?  Is it multiculturalism?  Is it identity politics?  Danish Police Shoot Somali Man Trying To Enter Home Of Mohammed Cartoonist.  Denmark?  Where is Copenhagen?  BBC: Danish cartoonist intruder shotObama’s Heart Isn’t In it.  Obama has a heart?  Could have fooled me.  Obama’s Vacation Optics – Axelrod and Co. Fail to Protect President’s Image.  One more in the long list of the failures of Obama and his Clansmen.  Outraged Iraqis vow to charge Blackwater - (I say F**K them and the camel they rode in on).  Come on Ray.  Just say it...FUCK THEM!  Chief Editor Of Calls Republican Critics of Obama ‘Un-American’ and ‘Traitorous’.  Well, FUCK THEM!  Did anyone charge GWB for any of this?  Did they?  DID THEY?  Zero U.S. Combat Fatalities in Iraq for the Month of December.  More pissed off anti-Americanists.  I bet their woosies are bleeding.  Tom Hayden: "It's time to strip the Obama sticker off my car."  HAHA!  Right.  More electioneering going on here.  Suicide Bomber Kills Scores in Pakistan!.  Have we started to blow the snot out of Pakistan like Obama SAID we were to do?  HAVE WE?  Serving In The Military, Higher Education, and Viewing Today's Liberal Democrat.  More Obama failures.  The Love Affair Between Liberals and Terrorists.  More of my topic I started years ago ladies and gentlemen!  Democrats and Terrorists: What's The Difference?.  Just listen to them.  They speak the same language...America sucks.  Why don't they just move out?  Prez Pal Ayers Inciting Protests In Egypt, Hard Left Abandons Obama.  Bummer.  2010: A Obama/Bernanke/Geithner housing bubble on the taxpayers’ dime.  This one was up on the first post but this one here is a real good one.  It is more of the DEMOCRAT controlled housing problems just like the FIRST one.  Bush, Obama, It Doesn't Matter, Muslims Hate the US And Show It Daily As Afghans Burn Obama Effigy.  EXACTLY SO!  It matters not who is "in charge" in the USA.  Jihad is coming and it is coming harder.  They just come even harder when a libtard is in control.  The Message Sent to the Mullahs on New Year’s Eve: Terrorism Works. Please Continue ...It's Not Yet Friday, But It Is New Year's Eve — What Better Time to Release an Iran-Backed Terror Master Who Murdered American Troops?  When did America start negotiating with terrorists?  Declassifying the Previous Administration’s Record Only if it Serves the Political Interests of the Current Administration.  I wrote about this one a few days ago.  Obama and his crew are cowards.  Nothing has been released yet.  Mayo Clinic to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients.  GOOD JOB OBAMA!  Screw the elderly, Bud!  Shock: Puddle-Headed Liberal Joan Walsh of Salon Finds Criticism of Obama "Traitorous".  Salon?  Screw Salon.  I suppose dissent is only good when the libtards do it, right?  DHS Drops Subpoenas Against Bloggers.  The Obamatards stopped their intrusive and galactically retarded Goon Squads.  Kind of reminds me of this post here: TSA and Bloggers: SHUT UP TSA! Bite Me!  China Sends Armored Vehicles to Iran to Fight Freedom Protesters.  China.  Great friends there, Obama.  Can't have any FREEDOM laying around out there!  RIGHT?  The Jihad Decade Cometh.  The Jihadi Tet.  Who Is the President’s Enemy? Hint, It’s Not The Guys Trying to Blow Stuff UpJihad for Obama.  Who's side is he on again?  Obama's Secret Executive Order: Amending Executive Order 12425Interpol Taking Over American LawExecutive Order: International Police Granted Full Immunity in US and Not Subject to FOIA Requests.  And that right there is Obama's Civilian National Security Forces.  SO much for the Black Helicopter Republican slants.  Obama The Appeaser May Have Violated Executive Order Against Negotiating With Terrorists.  So much for his note of self-worth.  Taliban Attack On CIA Base Called "Devastating".  Good job Obama.  Did he give the Taliban the clues or what?  Obama Administration: Dithering response to foreign enemies, rabid response to domestic opposition.  Screw Obama and his Clansmen.  Cops Powerless To Do Anything: AT-4 Rocket Launcher Found In Houston Jihadi’s Apartment.  No charges filed...GREAT PC guys!  God job!  The Left's Permanent War on the War on Terrorism.  I thought they hated war?  Odd.  We Are Being Governed By Children.  Yep.  And Obama is the head knothead.  Where’s Hillary?  She's with knothead.  Wanted: Adult Supervision for White House.  HA!  Give up on that idea!  All we have is libtards and where would you get any adult supervision there?  13 State Attorneys General Threaten Lawsuit Over ObamaCare.  13?  That's all?  Oh.  Wait.  Are these just the libtard folks?  After more of the Nelson bribery?  FBI Reports: Guns Sales Way Up, Crime Way Down.  Bring your Interpol...we are more and better armed.  Most of us are weapons graded combat troops.  Come on.  We are waiting.

And that settles that.  Obama.  Obama's Clansmen.  ASSHATS all.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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