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Brown won, now what???

I decided to put off doing a post on what the victory of Brown.   As I expected many people have misunderstood what this will mean.    This has put a big monkey wrench onto Obama and the Democrats agenda.

This was not just about Health Care or local issues.  This was a repudiation of the Democrats arrogance and the policies of Obama.   The worst thing that Obama has done was let the Democrats in CONgress decide what will be in the bills and not form his own bill and deliver it to CONgress.   This let the Leftists that have taken over the Democrat Party try and force down the public throat, Bills and a philosophy that everyone with half a brain cell knew would never work.   They are just regurgitating Leftist ideas that have failed in the past and will never work, but the Democrats all know better than us little folks and will make it work because they can do it better.

This does not bode well for the Democrats in the future, especially in the upcoming elections in November.   The House will most likely go back to Republican control and the Senate will gain more Republicans also, maybe not a Republican take over, but many Democrats are in big trouble.

Now with the victory of Brown, the Tea Party Movement has been seen as a moving force in elections.   Brown may not be a Conservative in the mold of Reagan, but he will be a no vote for Obamacare.   He will most likely be a NE Republican in the mold of Snowe, and will give many Conservatives fits.   But as I see it if he is 80% with me, it is better than someone that will be 100% against me

Now what does this mean for the Republican Party itself.   I hope they will not see this as a way to keep on forcing more Moderate candidates on the rank and file Conservative base.   But I will not really hold my breathe on the GOP seeing the Tea Leaves and embracing the Tea Party Movement.

Where does that leave us.  Well, we need to start locally and state wide to get more Conservatives elected.   I think nationally the GOP will still not see what Brown's win was.  It was not a election of just a Republican, it was the candidate the Tea Party Movement got behind to defeat Obamacare, and it brought out independents and some disgruntled Dems to vote against the Leftward Turn of the Democratic Party.  Without the money, and online activity of many Tea Party participants, Brown would never have won.   Twitter, Facebook, local Tea Party blogs, and various other online activity led the path to victory.  Yes the GOP did give some money and support behind the scenes, but that was after the buzz by online activists, and the possibility of a victory of Brown.  Unlike the NY23 race where the GOP picked a candidate that  eventually endorsed the Democrat over the Conservative in the race.

We need to get involved locally, state wide and nationally.   Join an online political Social Network (there are many out there and too many for me to list here), join a group like Red State or the various other online community blogs where you can voice your opinions, start a blog yourself, and never think that one person can not make a difference.   We are not the Silent Majority anymore, we are vocal and need to have our voices heard.   And the election of Brown in "Kennedy's Seat" just proves that we can make a difference nationally as well as locally.

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EXACTLY SO, Stix! Exactly so!

January 23, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey


January 25, 2010 | Registered CommenterStix
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