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Bush Bashing? It Doesn't Work Anymore

For at least 8 years of the Bush Administration everything that was wrong with the world was Bush's problem.  Now everything wrong in the world is Obama's problem and for sure for sure that is indeed the case.  Appeasement?  Obama did it.

Politico: Bush Bashing Ain't What It Used To Be

For all the talk of Obama as a thoughtful genius with a world class temperament, the guy relies on a handful of 'safety blanket' type devices. From the ever present ToTUS, to rhetorical ticks like "As I've always said", "Let me be perfectly clear" and, "This (fill in the blank) is unprecedented", Obama has a limited range of tricks to communicate his message and the thrust of his actions. [...]

I can hardly stand the Politico but once in a while they get something right...sort of.

Democrats rethinking “blame Bush” strategy after Massachusetts flop

Democrats have gotten into the habit of running against George W. Bush.  They won majorities in both houses of Congress in 2006 by running against Bush, and won a presidential election in 2008 with that strategy despite the fact that Bush wasn’t able to run.  Barack Obama has spent most of the past year blaming his own ineffectiveness on his predecessor.  So when the special election to replace Ted Kennedy got unexpectedly tight, Democrats figured that a healthy dose of Boogeyman Bush would send Democrats flocking to the polls. [...]

Democrats, Get Down to Business

SCOTT BROWN'S victory last week in the Massachusetts Senate race, following the Republican gubernatorial triumphs in New Jersey and Virginia, marked the third time in three months that the Democratic Party has lost the support and trust of independent voters. [...]

The "business" the Congress Critters need to get to is the United States Constitutiuon but The Reid and The Pelosi and The Obama hate the "damn thing".

I guess we can blame Bush?

More at Memeorandum...

This doesn't work either, pal...Like Obama, James Carville Blames Bush For Coakley Loss

Carville.  Idiot.

Obvious Opacity - absolutely and if the jerks can blame Bush the better off they will be.  Right?  Wrong.

[...] According to Nancy Pelosi, campaign promises have one purpose: getting a candidate elected. [...]

Pelosi.  An unadulterated asshat.

RCP Piece: Why I Regretted Voting for Obama*

[...] This thing is such a mess I don't even know where to start. For a person who claims to be a "fiscal conservative" she seems just a bit more driven by cult of personality than political ideology. Tear it up for yourselves.

Parting shot, anybody buying her last line about hoping the Republicans can find a "president with experience and savvy, a Commander in Chief who puts our country and its citizens first."?

Not me. [...]

Why I Regret Voting For President Obama

I'm not sorry for you. I'm sorry for me. Because I voted for Obama for me, not for you. I voted for hope and change and all the intangibles that Obama was peddling in the wake of the financial crisis, Sarah Palin, Sept. 11 and all the other ills that shook our country in the last decade. I wanted something new. Something different. What I got was, I suppose, exactly what I voted for - a spin doctor. And not a very good one at that. [...]

So if blame Bush doesn't work, let's blame Palin.  Judas H Priest people.  Palin caused McCain to becoming the GOP adroit Mondale candidate.  It seems like Jill Dipdunk Dorson is pathetically in charge of her own scapegoat of populism and doesn't give a damn about the US Constituton and this is exactly what Sarah Palin is for.  Why Sarah has chimed in for McCain in AZ is beyond me but Jill is an idiot.

More ignorance at Memeorandum...

2009 Democratic agenda severely weakened by Republicans' united opposition - oh good grief...

The breathless pace that President Obama set after taking office last January jolted lawmakers from the soporific haze of the final George W. Bush years, revving up dormant committees and lighting up phone lines with a frenzy of dealmaking.

Wielding large Democratic majorities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) relied on their expert vote-counting skills to send Obama 13 major bills and bring an overhaul of the nation's health-care system to the brink of final passage. By Christmas Eve, when the Senate finally adjourned, lawmakers were exuberant, if exhausted. [...]

Marxist-sociopaths.  Morons.  Expert vote-counting skills?  SKILLS?  What skills?  D v R?  Good luck with that especially with the United States Constitution NOW being discussed.  Not by them but by us, We The people.  Shailagh Murray, Michael D. Shear and Paul Kane - three pulsating marxist-sociopaths.  It took three marxist-sociopaths to come up with a completly ignorant article.

The Massachusetts race was not about D v R v I.  It was the overwhelming Democrat and democrats In Drag trying to take over the entire Nation and for their bidding to fair well with their supporters...all 30% of the Nation and that number is dwindling down.

Confedeate Yankee has some things to say about Jill the Dweeb.  Blame Bush.  Blame Palin.  Idiot.  Where's the blame McCain meme?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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