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Information the Leftinistra Will Not Let Loose - They Cannot Afford To Be Ashamed

[...] If We The People fail to remember what's behind us, for some reason, and we greet the rhetoric as if it is some kind of new hope, or a change for the better, we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of a number of fallen societies. What is being played for us by big government liberals is the same old song and dance presented by socialists and tyrants of the past. [...]

That is from Douglas V Gibbs and the story is entitled, Looking Forward, but Remembering What's Behind You.  And that right there is something to libocramps want every American not to remember.  They want us to say things like today is the day, that was all in the past and history means not a thing.

From The Astute Bloggers

And, the Leftinistra don't want anyone to remember Iran.

From Donald Douglas




We elected you on a promise of hope and change. You've disappointed us. In 2010, we are taking the country back. Blue collar democrats, independents, and conservatives. We love our country. We are proud of our founders. And we will fight to protect our traditions. We don't want your revolution.

And the Leftinistra don't want anyone to fight for their Constitution, either.

Letters for Obama, by Ken Blackwell

Historian H.W. Brands has done a great service to all Americans in his newly edited version of the letters of Theodore Roosevelt. More than a century ago, in 1905, President Roosevelt basked in congratulations from around the world. He had just negotiated the Treaty of Portsmouth (New Hampshire), which put an end to the bloody Russo-Japanese War. For this outstanding achievement, T.R. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. [...]

[...] We should never forget that the mullahs are the number-one supporters of terrorism in the world. They are the ones who murdered our 241 Marines and Navy corpsmen in Beirut in 1983. With this new year, can we count Obama's "engagement" to break?

President Roosevelt did not inherit a war being waged on America by international terrorists. We can be sure that if he had, he would not have hesitated to call terrorists terrorists -- or to take the strong, resolute action necessary to defeat them. [END]

And the Leftinistra want for all of us to remember the "false hope" of FDR.  It's all about Hopenchange...

From Dan Riehl

And the Leftinistra hate YOU because you love this Nation for what it does.

From Mike's America

Make up your mind.  Conservatism wins every time a Conservative is on the ballot.  Period.

From Mike's America

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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