Nothing Like Spending $340-MILLION On the Census
Mon, January 4, 2010 at 15:01
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Americanized Marxism, Unconstitutional Census

I saw this a few days ago and just didn't write about it...there's just so much to do, so many thngs to write about and some things aren't worth spit.  However, I have been thinking about this Census deal.

The morons at the Census are spending $340 million just to make sure that everyone knows that the United States Constitution requires all to answer three, race and where you live.  Oh.  Wait.  It's TEN questions.  Or is it THREE questions?  I'm confused.

Michelle Malkin: The Census boondoggle: $340 million ad campaign

Otherwise known as the tax-subsidized National Democrat Future Voter Outreach Drive: [...]

Donald Douglas: Census Launches $340 Million Ad Blitz

[...] Perhaps I'd think otherwise had ACORN and other leftist shakedown groups not been so quickly rehabilitated after last year's scandals. Matthew Vadum hammered House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers for whitewashing ACORN in December ("CRS Report On ACORN Is Nonsense), but left-wing extremists are ramping up attacks against "right-wing crazies" supposedly "fanning paranoia." The federal courts have already ruled that Washington can't "defund" ACORN, so with congressional Democrats beating the ACORN's-been-cleared drums, it won't be long before Bertha Lewis and pals will be "shuckin an jivin" for that down-home Census bureau undercount outreach scam. See, for example, "Government to launch $340 million ad campaign touting the 2010 Census": [...]

Screw ACORN.  Screw Obama.  Screw the Census.  As soon as these morons fully understand the United States Constitution, I shall not answer ANY of their questions.

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