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American Exceptionalism - America Is Not The Greatest Country Ever?

American Exceptionalism.  What is that?

"American exceptionalism is not that we're better people; it's not that we're any different DNA-wise. It's that the history of the world is oppression, tyranny, and control, and that the United States is the exception because of our founding documents."

Every single marxist-sociopath across this globe we call Earth do not and will not understand that simple phrase and they never will - American Exceptionalism.  And most certainly, no anti-Americanist will never accept the notion of American Exceptionalism.  Why?  Because this Nation, at its core, is far greater than any Nation that has ever lived and must be a no-God concept to them.

Matthew Spalding explains that America is different because it is founded on self-evident principles proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and secured in the Constitution. These principles include the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the right to free speech and freedom of religion. America still holds this beacon of liberty among the nations of the world, even as Progressives deride such a claim as chauvinistic – a complaint they are free to make thanks to America’s unrivalled speech protections.

Ed Schultz wants to deprave the rest of the country and make a law that says "only nice things can be said" and it certainly will not apply to any of the Leftinistra in this Nation.  They despise American Exceptionalism so any "bad things" can and will be said if such a Law becomes law.  So much for the United States Constitution.

The List of that list and you will know for a fact what American Exceptionalism is.

Michael Kinsley said: "Not me. Democracy requires me to respect the results of the elections. It doesn’t require me to agree with them or to admire the process by which voters made up their minds. In my view, anyone who voted for Barack Obama for president in 2008 and now is supporting some tea party madwoman for senator has a bit of explaining to do. But the general view is that the voters, who may be fools individually, are infallibly wise as a collective — that their “anger,” their urgent desire, yet again, for “change,” is self-validating."

And there's the rub.  The unknowing in this Nation seem to think that we are a Democracy and we are not.  We are a Republic, just like our National Anthem so describes..."and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands...".  And, "mister" Kinsley, the Republic doesn't give a damn about your "collective", either.  We are not the Borg.

American Exceptionalism is our boldness with our God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for which there is no entry into Heaven without, Islam be damned...and the rest of religion.

If America falls, as the marxist-sociopaths so demand, the entire world will fall and Islam, the marxist-sociopaths and all the rest of the criminal elements will fight til their deaths to prove how great they are, and they will lose eventually.  We call that the Rapture.  And yes, I am a Christian - not a very good one but I am not a member of any organized religion and especially not a member of any socialized religion either.  As far as I know, Jesus Christ was a Jew from Nazareen and some people call him the Completed Jew and I don't know if I believe that or not.

Some people tell me that my course and crass verbiage discounts my "christianity" but I am reminded that Jesus Christ beat the snot out of people in the Temple when he had enough and he never apologized for it either.  So, buzz off.

American Exceptionalism.  Ain't it great?  Don't tell Peter Beinart that.  His marxist-sociopathic mentality just might get his Obamabotness all in a tizzy.  On November 3, 2010, Peter nearly had a meltdown.  America stood tall and proud, R, D and Is alike and said NO MORE!  His response?  In his article called Election Night's Big Losers, he writes:

It wasn’t the Democrats. It was the belief that government spending must shrink. Peter Beinart on the GOP’s lunatic notion of America’s exceptionalism-and how it could help get Obama re-elected.

And then;

The Republicans have taken refuge in an anti-government ideology premised on the lunatic notion that America is the only truly free and successful country in the world.

Marxist-sociopaths really have a vendetta to be set free, don't they?  I wonder if he even knows what The List of 45 so states...

Peter?  Which Nation across this globe we call Earth has been the freest and most successful Nation? Just name one, if you can.  Be brave.  Name just one Nation.  Don't just bash America and be an Obamabot and whine and cry about America without at least naming ONE Nation that is more free and more successful than the God given United States.

Roger Cohen describes his marxist-sociopath ways and means by telling all that Obama is great and America sucks.  How quaint.  I guess that is why all marxist-sociopaths were driven from power in the last election and some were given a hard run for their money.  And, I suppose that Obama's best tactic in life is to surrender to Islam by surrendering this Nation to a godless hemp of stupid.  Good job.  Who elected this non-natural born citizen anyway?

Roger says we have lost Iraq and who knows what in Afghanistan.  First off, Roger, we won in Iraq and if you are going to whine about Afghanistan, whine about the Nations of NATO or just STFU.

American Exceptionalism.

Brian writes at Freedom's Lighthouse in reply to Roger Cohen's pathetic piece;

He’s right – Barack Obama is “steadily but persistently talking down American Exceptionalism.” That’s because in Obama’s world, America is really not “exceptional” when compared to other nations. We’re just another kid on the block, and not the leader of the Free World. It is not our place to seek to advance liberty and freedom throughout the world. We really are not a “shining city on a hill.”

It’s good to know that those of us on the Right are not the only ones who can see what Obama is doing. It’s sad to know there are many Americans who agree with Obama that America is really not the “exceptional” place she is. Republicans should make the argument against Obama’s re-election for all the reasons Cohen describes – because it will be the truth. We need a President who believes in “American Exceptionalism” instead of a President who seeks to guide America down the long, slow march to “Euro-sclerosis.”

Exactly correct.

Jonah Goldberg writes at The Patriot Post;

"The position of the Americans is therefore quite exceptional," wrote Alexis de Tocqueville in "Democracy in America," "and it may be believed that no democratic people will ever be placed in a similar one." Ever since, historians have argued that America's lack of a feudal past, its Puritan roots, the realism of its revolutionary ambitions and many other ingredients contributed to America's status as the "first new nation," to borrow a phrase from Seymour Martin Lipset, who spent his life writing about American exceptionalism.

American Exceptionalism.

Feb 17, 2010, Rush Limbaugh writes;

You know, my friends, it's very simple -- and I have used this phrase consistently over the course of my 20 plus years behind the Golden EIB Microphone -- what I believe has made the country great. I've addressed this.  When I do my rare, overwhelmingly popular public appearances, I challenge the audience to think about something: "Do you ever wonder how it is, and why it became so, that a population at any one time of less than 300 million people created the highest standard of living? Progress, economic, political, education, by any standard you want to measure, the United States of America has been the greatest collection, population of human beings in the history of the world."  There have been civilizations, countries, and populations long before us that were the trademark of their day, their standard-bearers of their day. 

They can't compare to us, and they've been around thousands of years.  Now, what was it?  What is it?  What is it that makes three hundred million people special? Our DNA is no different than the ChiCom DNA. I'm talking about in terms of humanity.  Our DNA is no different than any other human being anywhere on earth or has ever been on earth.  What is it about this 200, 300 million people that have created by far -- there's no comparison -- the greatest country and collection of human beings on the face of the earth for good?  We feed the world, we relive the world, we repair the world.  We defend the world.  We have liberated hundreds of millions of people who have lived in bondage and slavery.  What is it about us?  We're not born special in terms of our DNA.  What is it?  I asked people to think about this 'cause I don't think they do.

This is part and parcel of what I call American exceptionalism.  What is American exceptionalism?  It's not that we're better people.  It's not that we're smarter.  It's not that we have the advantage because of our geography, because we clearly don't.  So what is it that sets us apart?  There's one answer, and it's found in the Declaration of Independence: "We are all endowed by our Creator."  So we acknowledge God as a country.  When we were founded, we acknowledged God: We were all created.  We are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. Undeniable. They're just there.  And they come from the Creator.  Among them, but not just, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.  That's pretty simple to me.  Those three things, the acknowledgment of our creation by God -- a loving God -- that our spirit has this natural yearning to be free and to be happy and that there's nothing wrong with either of those.

There's nothing wrong with being created, nothing wrong with being happy or trying to be, and there's certainly nothing wrong with living.  It was that codification that made one crucial thing possible: And that is for ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.  Not the smartest, not the brightest, not the well born, not the richest.  Ordinary.  This is a nation that became the greatest nation in human history -- in however many hundreds of thousands, billions, whatever years you want to say we've been plodding the earth -- because of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things, made possible by the fact that our country was founded acknowledging that our freedom comes from God. Not from a government and not from some other man or some other woman.  It does not come from a demagogue.  It does not come from somebody promising to take care of us.  It inspired people to produce, to take care of themselves and anybody else that needed it in their community via their church or whatever neighborhood organization they happened to belong to.  That's what's been lost.  Too many people think that without government doing the right things, we can't succeed -- and the government, when run by people like are running it now, get in the way and make it impossible for ordinary people to do anything extraordinary.

May 14, 2009, Rush Limbaugh writes;

I'll tell you, this is just infuriating.  This man... He is no longer going overseas to apologize. He is ripping and criticizing his own country.  I don't believe him when he says he didn't hear what Reverend Wright says in the church.  He says he never heard that stuff from Reverend Wright. He has to have heard it because this is right out of Rev. Wright's beliefs! This is outrageous to have this kind of commencement speech from the president of the United States.  "Lulled into complacency by the glitter..."? Meanwhile, here's a guy that's written two books, tries to get as rich as he can. His wife wants to get as much money as they can get. They have a house that was purchased via a shady deal with a conniving real estate guy named Tony Rezko.

I don't see them denying themselves. They're eating hundred-dollar Kobe beef in the White House, throwing parties for people.  They spent $2,000 on a dog, the dog named Bo.  That's what the dog cost them.  Now, I don't begrudge them any of this but when he's going to start saying it's okay for me to do this, but it's not for you or any of the rest of us. That's when I get my dander up.  And this little stuff in here about the military, "We became accustomed to the title of 'military superpower,' forgetting the qualities that got us there.  Not just the power of our weapons, but the discipline and valor and code of conduct of our men and women..."

What the hell does that mean?  I'll tell you what it means.  It means he believes that we torture. He believes that we rape and murder.  He believes all that stuff that was said about the Marines at Haditha in Iraq.  That's his view of the United States military.  That it's the most powerful, but it's filled with reprobates.  Somehow, in some distant past, America was great.  Everybody in business was honest, everybody that was successful and wealthy was honest. But at some point all that changed! The military became corrupted. Everybody who's wealthy and every corporation, every individual that achieved and had success somehow is corrupted? Is that what the graduates at Arizona State University wanted to hear, that America sucks?  

They've just spent four or five years, whatever number of years they spent there. They sure as hell did not go to college to join a homeless shelter.  They did not go to college to flip hamburgers.  They didn't go to college to sit around and not use their educations.  Is that what they want to hear, that America sucks, from the president of the United States?  They want to hear that they will not graduate and join a world of American exceptionalism, that America isn't exceptional anymore and they shouldn't try to make it that way?  Is that what the parents who came up with the money somehow, some way, to get their kids into Arizona State...? Is that what the parents wanted to hear?  To do what Barack Obama wants you to do, you don't need to waste a year in college. You don't need to waste a day or a dime.

American Exceptionalism.  What Nation in the world, a Free Nation; a successful Nation; would ever have elected a non-natural born citizen to their Presidency?  Which one would have done that?  Anyone?

Which Nation in the world can be better than the United States of America?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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