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International investors issue global warming warning

This article just cracks me up.  Global WarmingClimate ChangeOur Deterioratiing AtmosphereBiodiversity.  Take your pick.  It is all lies.  Go ahead.  Go to my search engine on this blog and search for each of the items I listed above and see for yourself.  All articles are listed both for and against all of this crap and you will see that Al Gore and His Clan of Retards are exactly that.  Retards.

A group responsible for more than $15 trillion in assets calls on nations to combat climate change or face severe economic disruptions.$15 TRILLION dollars has been invested in Al Gore's JUNK Science and now these same MORONS are pushing again because Al Gore lied his ass off again in Sweden.  And the entire world knows about it.  Damn.

I have been calling this crappola of GW a travesty of stupid ever since 1973.  And now?  The GW is still an exercise in the practice of dumb.

Reporting from Washington - A group of international investors responsible for more than $15 trillion in assets called Tuesday for the world's nations, particularly the United States, to move decisively to combat climate change or face economic disruptions worse than the global recession of the last two years.

The statement, signed by 259 asset managers and asset owners whose holdings account for one-quarter of global capitalization, was aimed at world leaders who will meet in two weeks in Cancun, Mexico, for a
United Nations conference on climate change.

The financiers were also sending a warning to Washington that the economy is losing the chance to attract new investment capital because of the gridlock on climate change policy — a stalemate likely to intensify in the months ahead as the new Republican majority in the House moves forward with plans to investigate climate science and the Obama administration's policies.

A UN conference?  The UN wants to screw everyone but will first attack the citizens of this Nation we call America.

Go read that article and be prepaired to either laugh or cry...your choice.  But FIRST!

But first, these morons want us all to what?  "Let's get back to the table and do what must be done to fight climate change and catalyze private investment into low-carbon technologies," said Jack Ehnes, chief executive of the California State Teachers' Retirement System, a $142-billion public pension fund. "The economic opportunities are enormous for nations with the foresight to seize them while the risks of inaction are potentially catastrophic."


How many tables do we need to meet on until these crack pots decide that they are wasting their time and have invested so heavily in Al Gore's Juck Science?  Catastrophic for whom?  The idiots that have invested with Al Gore?  Please.  Drop dead.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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