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Confusion, Mother of all Vices

A special post from Al: Confusion, Mother of all Vices

Initially created to inform the public and offer a quick and objective knowledge of events unfolding around them, the media now produces instead a generalized confusion, that benefits solely those who only prosper in such confusion. Those who make a profession out of complaining are in fact the most ferocious partisans of stagnation and the most adamant opposition to progress.

Every era possesses its own particular potential, its own objective to achieve and its own challenges. A great particularity of ours is that we have never before systematically put in question absolutely everything expressed or practiced in the past. An absolute downpour of suspicion, contestation and denigration has descended upon all that was the cement of past civilizations, of our societies, of our relations one with the other. This tendency to put in question the slightest moral and political principle has, until now, led to no coherent, concrete or constructive results. On the contrary, the confusion that comes of this seems only to produce again and ever more confusion. Instead of seeing a warning or lesson, it appears that these professional detractors derive only a morbid supplementary motivation to sink themselves deeper.

But do they really know where they are going? Could they explain to us towards what exactly they are heading for? And what is their message, exactly? In the eyes of those they could claim, the answer is horribly clear and without reprieve. Visibly, above all this is an intellectual posture, a kind of utopia obsession. No trace of a structured thought aimed at confronting reality and its rules. The stakes of this position are not to pronounce oneself in favor of some precise alternative, but only and in priority, to oppose themselves to decisions that are put in practice, so as to later, be able to publicly use the failure as blatant proof that these decisions were not pertinent.

But why such a lack of responsibility in the face of events that impact on the lives of individuals? Because these decisions were not taken under their control and consequently, esteem that it is their duty to make them fail, out of fear of being distanced from the democratic game, even relegated out of the decision centers. This paranoia is not an argument that pleads in favor of their mental health, also the value of their slightest opinion. Otherwise, how else to explain this capacity to denigrate, insult, slander, when this is not in anyway necessary in any kind of serious debate?

It is probably a painful reminiscence of their youth, who wants that its partisans of liberty, without obstacle, always call upon the passion or fear of a perpetual conspiracy, instigated by the military industrial complex. (Even though they themselves systematically forget that they dispose of as many entries into the cogs of the political and economic system. They also withhold from mentioning that powerful Trusts are as much committed to their side and that, for who are the security services, civilian as military, they count as well numerous partisans of their political opinions among their ranks).

All this supposed struggle against the invisible perils crumbles like a house of cards, if one takes the trouble to dig and analyze all this. What remains, is a publicity advantage on the political communication level and a lack of renewal in the manner of understanding things and wanting to explain them. Leaders in the past, once power was lost, fell behind on the present. They persist today, to eternally replay the same scheme as yesterday, when the situation has awfully changed. What more, everyone knows forthwith their difficulties, when it comes to their incompetence in realizing what they promise without limit. As well, their lack of discernment on the subjects that cannot be appealed, like security and the resort of force, too imprinted with ideology of appeasement and pacifism. While the menace is concretized, they cling to their irresponsible disposition to conciliate with those who seek only an unconditional victory.

Our era thus had their word confiscated by those who profess to free themselves and who, in the name of their intellectual superiority, appropriate the means of communication. Little does it matter to them that their school of thought represents only them and that their ranks diminish regularly. [...] go read the rest

The above article was written June 18, 2007

The Snooper Report.
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