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One more article from Al, an avid fan of the Snooper Report.  This one was sent via email and if he does see this one, I hope he sends the link that I can add to this article.


(In Hebrew : Blood, Frogs, Lice. The first three plagues of Egypt)

There is a country as no other, whose prosperity and brilliance has none alike. A nation founded by immigrants, gathered around a same quest : The constitution of the Republic of their choice.

The founding fathers drew up a charter, in which they put everything that could guarantee this idealistic legislation would always remain faithful to its citizens’ holy aspirations.

Liberty, individual responsibility, free enterprise.

A limited government is an insurance for citizens to never have to suffer the tyranny of institutions. They would never give in to any law they did not wish prior. And all those who would be tempted to twist its principles from their initial meaning will be revoked.

The world sees it as a utopia without tomorrow and it continued according to its routine, they predicted all this would not last and that this edifice would collapse sooner or later, eroded by a lack of centralised cohesion and influx of populations whose identities were too diverse.

But this example of civilisation lasted and even more became exemplary. It overcame all its trials and became the leading world power and above all, the destination where oppresed people aspired to establish themselves, to at last be able to leave the place where they were born.

Unlike other world powers, this nation does not content itself to profit from the wealth of its success, off alone in a corner. It makes itself available for all other people on the planet, to procure them an economic aid when this is necessary and even a military support, to emancipate themselves from the crippling influence of dictators or other populations more powerful and ill intentioned.

This nation became from then on a positive reference in the mind of all of those who aspire to a better existence, who do not fear to take their own destiny in hand. But also the privileged target of all those who draw profit from the squalid situation of dependancy and submission of these oppressed populations.

And tyrants of all kind and of all category, who claim themselves in the name of God, for the people or whatever else, became ferocious adversaries to this nation, which threatens them in the appeal of its insolent achievement.

Then, they began to plot relentlessly for its doom and failed in each of their confrontations. One can not vanquishes this nation head on, it is simply impossible. These people are too conscious of their particularity, their army too bound to their flag.

But there was a last option, more difficult to achieve, longer to put in place, but no matter, the greatness of the challenge deserved all efforts and sacrifices.

It consisted of destroying that nation from the inside, by using certain of its own citizens.

In a democracy, it is always possible to find a certain amount of frustred and lost people, who were not able to put to profit the freedom that is offered them to realize what they would have liked to do, who were not able to develop the necessary qualities for the success of their ambitions.

Rather than seek to better themselves with hopes of surpassing their failures, they opt for complacency and resentment. They reject the blame on to those around or on alleged plots aimed at maintaining them in there dependant state. They are unable to grasp the obscenity of their assertions, incompetent to elaborate solutions that would liberate them from that vicious circle.

Flatter them, nourish their resentment, make them arrogant. Well, push them to the edge by helping them unleash all that anger which thrives and eats at them.

And if this nation does not react at the right time, to counter this deluge of animosity, this nefarious force, it will collapse from within. And certainly do not wait of other nations any kind of help or support. No, the grand spectacle of the fall of this nation will be relished by all the covetous, who awaited this moment for so long.

That nation in peril is called The United States of America. […]

POLITICIAN  (blood?)

The great seducer is the one who has no equal in expressing himself with assurance on any subject. He uses dialectical loops, asserting in the same sentence all and its contrary, pointing his finger over his audience, to well impose his authority. Yet, in fact, he is only providing proof of a conviction that has never impressed no one excepting well behaved children.

He is the smoothest guy, the one who organizes the best parties, the ones to which everyone wants to be invited and everybody wants to be his friend. He is always right and his detractors disagree for obscure reasons they cannot bear to reveal and he knows how to spin the heads of morons, in this domain he is a true champion.

And the more time goes by, the more difficult it becomes to leave his influence, as he always finds a whole lot of ways to implicate you in his agenda. And how can you rightly disown him when it eventually means denying yourself ?

And he can always respond relentlessly : « Don’t get me wrong », the world never waited for him to exist and it is indeed for him to understand it will certainly go on without him, rather than have to conform to either his blindness or goodwill, name it as you please.

« We received him piously, we believed it was he, the great glorious day, the beginning of works so long awaited. Historically it was indeed that, yet stupid, inexperienced and young as we were, we did not foresee that the whaling whose call had announced the birth, would, that very night, degenerate into obscene barfly bellowing »
                       Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky : The five « The day of Potemkin »

ACTIVISTS (frogs?)

After having unleashed all that excitement, this hysterical euphoria for the new messiah, how will the disciples survive the humiliation of His failure ?

They will not and here is precisely the role of the activists. They must not be able to turn back and will most certainly be the only one who will not have time to derive any kind of substantial benefit from their commitment.

They will have just taken advantage, they will have had the right to celebrate, having been rewarded well below the emotional investment they provided, without restraint nor calculation.

One will have to sacrifice them when the curtain has fallen. It is included in this tacit arrangement that will bring them to do it of their own freewill and singing all the way if need be. For it is them who give a true dimension to all this comedy, which must end only in tragedy, to have the right to enter in what some will call later : History.

Without the expiatory sacrifice of these delirious ones in hunger for revenge, the performance would not really be convincing. And after all, they to have a right to a small minute of fame, before disappearing back into the oblivion where they were pulled, with aims of establishing their cardboard throne, of the plastic messiah of an imitation kingdom.

« The philosophers of France blundered by excess of temerity and haste… They measured badly the task. They were mistaken in the evaluation of their strength and resources : it is why they fell with all their theories. the haste and temerity of philosophers has, i fear, held back a hundred years in progress and improvement of the human condition. »
John Adams 1811.


What defines him best is his propensity to always seek to win on both fronts, never forget he has no sense of duty, nor of honor. The only sense of duty that drives him is the one of his own sole promotion, as well as his longevity, he knows no other priority.

He knows how to applaud with both hands when it is trendy, as one must always follow the trend and if possible, try to sustain it in order to profit from it, but this does not mean it is anything else than an apportunity.

But once the fruit is squeezed to its last drop, there is nothing left to sell and how to continue animating the show, when one has nothing left to taunt in the face of the thirsty customer?

All the goodwill put in action to edify the myth will be exchanged for a fury to ruin it. And the more one succeeds in lifting the star up high, the more spectacular his fall will be and the more prolific in fantastic reversals, spicy scandals and malevolent suppositions.

Yes, it will be a certifiable orgy, my good friends and you can trust him to feed the pyre. He has been the devoted and indiscreet witness of a whole  bunch of things, at the moment when he so diligently fulfilled his mission of flattery. And he was trusted, as he looked to be the more resolute of them all, on the vessel to success.

Soon, he will be thrilled to prove his gratitude by revealing all that he will need to, even insinuating, as it is what he knows how to do best. Henceforth, he will serve his next master, with zeal and devotion, the time to win his confidence and allow him to turn his back.

And you know what follows…

« They know how to call upon the resources of intrigue to replace to the detriment of reason and spirit. They re-inforce their system of literary monopoly with an unremitting activity to soil and discredit by all means all those who are not part of their faction ». Edmond Burke : « Reflections on the revolution of France. »

AL. , Oct. 2010. Paris.

The Snooper Report.
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Sic vis pacem para bellum
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Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
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Death to Tyrants

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