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Homeland Security secretary thanks TSA staff for hard work

In other words:

Janet Napolitano, aka Janey Napoleanitano, aka Nappyheadio, aka Obama's sex toy says:

"Thank you TSA for being Obama's National Security Force in this time of need because we got so beat up in the last election.

Thank you for beating all of America's passengers at your beckon call.

Thank you for humiliating all Americans for the sakes of our friends the terrorists across the world.

Thank you for arresting those that adhere to the United States Constitution.

Thank you all for degrading the American People because they rose up and voted like they did.

Thank you for breaking everyone's spirits because they are not us the politicians that will not be "man-handled" at your beckon call.

But most and foremost to all of Obama's Goons called the Obama National Security Forces across this great Socialist States of Amerika, I thank you all for enslaving those losers that voted for the USC in all things and hopefully, we will be able to submit them all to The One, The Messiah, The god of All, Barack Hussein Obama, the American Jihadi.

No, go out  and destroy them all while we still can count on you all.  Beat them, feel them up, make slaves of them all because we can...before the stupid people with guns of the military arise and crush us all."

That about sums up the following article...

Mat Janet burn and rot in hell.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano thanked TSA workers for their hard work on Tuesday afternoon.

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have come under fire recently for implementing a series of controversial screening techniques, which include advanced body imaging systems and pat-downs.

In a letter to TSA employees on Tuesday, a day before one of the busiest travel days in the country, Napolitano acknowledged the hardships of their job and said that the country was counting on them to keep them safe.

“Time and again, the men and women of TSA have demonstrated poise and professionalism,” said Napolitano in the letter. “Travelers and the public realize that your job is difficult and demanding. This holiday season, I am confident you will again demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety of the traveling public to everyone who passes through an airport security checkpoint.”
[...] there are three pages of this shit - click the clown if you have a hankering...I have weapons to load

The Snooper Report.
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