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A Simple Libtard Response to the Shellacking They Received Recently

From Right Wing News: go read their verbiage as a whole.  I will just add my usual takes on their useless and worthless sites...since the American People won in this election (don't know who the libtards are as of yet), I will continue to be "mean and ugly"...

From the American Dissection: The "F-You" Election - imagine that?  OK.  Fuck You back, then.  Moron.

Tuesday's election, and months of Tea Party and other well-funded rebellions, brought back to power the F-You Boys, the F-You Men, and -- if exit polls confirm a narrowing of the gender gap -- F-You Women as well, exemplified by Sarah Palin's "mama grizzlies." [...]

Rebellion?  Anyone hear any gun fire?

From Crackheads and Jerk Whistles: 2012: What's next - ummmmm, your ass?

So the bloodbath is over. I remember waking up the day after Bush won reelection in 2004 and had a similar feeling, only we didn't hold the White House. It's been discussed on this blog and others what we thought the mistakes were since 2008, so I won't go into it all of it again. A good result was that the Blue Dogs lost almost fifty percent of their caucus while the CPC held onto almost ninety five percent. The Third Way idiots are going to beat their chests, but their way leads only to more disaster for Democrats, so ignore Harold Ford, please. [...]

From the Alcoholic Saloon: Pundit sloth: Blaming the left - that's right.  It was all your fault you marxist-sociopath AND sock puppet...Glenn Greenwald - moron.  I call him Glenn Greenwaldo...

[...] But for slothful pundits who want to derive sweeping meaning from individual races in order to blame the Left and claim that last night was a repudiation of liberalism, the far more rational conclusion -- given the eradication of 50% of the Blue Dog caucus -- is that the worst possible choice Democrats can make is to run as GOP-replicating corporatists devoted above all else to serving corporate interests in order to perpetuate their own power: what Washington calls "centrists" and "conservative Democrats."  That is who bore the bulk of the brunt of last night's Democratic bloodbath -- not liberals. [...]

Greenwaldo - what an I.D.I.O.T. he is and always will be.  Obama is the WORST of the WORSE libtard anyone has ever imagined and this moron Greenwaldo says it was "conservatives" that got beat?  Jerk.

From Smoldering Cur Pond: Evening: After the shit, the flood, I mean Soir: Après le merde, le déluge - moron.

The Frenchified title is intended for the usual reasons, namely, to rub teabagger wingnut noses in their swinish lack of sophistication. I’d say I was just making a joke, but I’m afraid our right-blog friends have cracked that code, so why pretend?

Though apart from the obvious allusion to the fact that all Republican voters are dreadful unlettered hillbillies who poo in their trucker caps and only have sex with chickens because the goats move too fast and are probably gay Muslims anyway... [...]

But, but, but isn't Obama the Gay Jihad?  LOL!!

UHOH!  Heeeeeeeeere's a SPIN from the one and only jerkoff, Bob Cesca...From the Huff and Puff: Angry Voters Choose Government Gridlock, Investigations and Shutdown - poor Bobby.  Such a moron...

Of course there's also the Flailing Rage Factor, which I tend to favor as a reason for yesterday's outcome more than ignorance or lack of Democratic marketing chops. For two years now, Americans have been incited by fakery and horror stories to the point of being pumped up into a 'roid raging mob chanting shallow platitudes and bumper sticker zingers -- incoherently attacking Speaker Pelosi's face, and bent out of shape by the fact that there's not a doddering old white guy stumbling through the West Wing spinning grandfatherly yarns about American mornings and saintly cowboys. [...]

Bob Cesca - libtard.

Here's another from the Queen of Asshats - Paul Krugman.  From the New York Slimes: Blame The Whiny Center - and what about the Whiny Libtards?  Wah!  Wah!  Wah!  We lost our asses!  Wah!  Wah!  Wah!

So, we’re already getting the expected punditry: Obama needs to end his leftist policies, which consist of … well, there weren’t any, but he should stop them anyway. [...]

Obama isn't "left" enough for you, you whining ass retarded libtard?  Judas H Priest, man.

I normally don't give this next one any mention at all but I am feeling nice tonight.  Here's one from Little Green Turtle Turds the Fraud: Election 2010, Thread Two - the fraud speaks do know that this punk is a little jihadi, right?

I wonder what brand of champagne they’re drinking tonight at John Birch Society headquarters?

They really are the comeback story of the last two years. Not long ago, associations with the Birchers would have been the political kiss of death. Now they’re everywhere in the GOP.

The resurrection of the John Birch Society is one measure of the extremist takeover of the GOP — a resurgence that just happens to coincide with the election of our first African American president. Coincidence?

Coincidence?  We don't have a black president, moron.  We have a GRAY one even though he did shed his whiteness, moron.  Besides, Obama isn't even The President.  He is, however, the Rezident of the Marxist House.  Jerk.  Remember the USC - NATURAL BORN citizen, yes?

I haven't come up with a retort to the name MyDD: There's Gotta Be a Morning After - yes, there is and it is a Conservative and Constitutional government.

What else can possibly be said for our patron saint Russ Feingold—murked last night by a random reactionary named “Johnson” or some such? Ultimately Sen. Feingold has no one to blame but himself. In conservative districts around the country, numerous Democrats took the extraordinary step of running against their own House speaker or professing support for John McCain in 2008. And it was necessary. For his part, Russ Feingold should have thrown in with the left opposition to Barack Obama months ago. Obama and Feingold are not the same kind of liberals, but he nevertheless allowed himself to be caricatured as such. Instead of going out like a boss—a fitting end to the lone dissenter against the Patriot Act in October 2001—Russ Feingold went out like a punk, carping about outside expenditures, as if anyone cared about process. I want to believe he’ll be back in some fashion or another. [...]

So Feingold is a punk and he wants them back?I love this one...The Schmucky Pimp - The world didn't end on Nov. 2 (but it sure took a punishing hit) - poor schlub...Dennis Rahkonen.  This jerk off has been a real head banger for almost forever.

The Right couldn't have built a constituency that believes Obama is either a foreign-born alien, a secret Muslim advancing al Qaeda's agenda, or a communist, unless countless conservatives held such intense prejudice toward blacks that they embrace patent absurdity as a pathetic rationalizing buttress for their enormous bias. [...]

And Bush was Hitler isn't a bias thing?  The Leftinistra was doing what to the United States Constitution?  Moron.  Obama is not a natural born citizen.  He just might be a citizen of this Nation but he is NOT a natural born citizen, you idiot.

From the untruther: Payback at the Polls - payback?  How can this be a "payback" when the upstart D'ohBama lied to everyone at every turn and at every campaign stop?  Idiot.

Let’s not shoot the messenger. Yes, the tea party victors are a mixed bag espousing often contradictory and at times weird positions, the source of their funding is questionable and their proposed solutions are vague and at times downright nutty. But they represent the most significant political response to the economic pain that has traumatized swaths of the nation at a time when so-called progressives have been reduced to abject impotence by their deference to a Democratic president. [...]

If we had a Democrat President, that just might be true.  D'ohBama was a marxist-sociopath.  Period.  And that is what this election was all about...and naturally the economy.

It is fun to watch the libtards eat each other out like this.  Paul Krugman says Obama isn't "Left" while the rest say he wasn't "Left" enough.  Poor schlubs.

Perhaps in the next Presidential election these idiots will listen to us because we all predicted this.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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