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It Is Hard to Be A Liberal These Days

Yep.  Libtards will have to do more homework on American History, General Math and Economics.

As the debate over extending the Bush tax cuts rages on, some people are accusing Republicans of adding to the national deficit by not raising taxes on ‘rich’ people. The icky Republicans want to steal $36 billion and “transfer the bulk of that cash into the pockets of the nation’s millionaires.”

Does anyone take basic math classes anymore? Economics? History?

Historically speaking, lowering taxes for employers actually produces more revenue for the government. The Bush tax cuts were what saved us from nose-diving into a recession in the early 2000s. The economy tanked in 2008 because they were spending more than they were taking in, but that’s a subject for another time. We’ve also bounced back from recessions by lowering taxes in the 80s under Reagan, in the 60s under Kennedy, and in the 20s under Coolidge. No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity, and the idea that it could all of a sudden magically work shows a failure to learn from history.

It doesn’t make sense that lowering taxes could bring in more tax money unless you understand economics and how it relates to human nature. People like to survive. Psychologists have been studying the fight or flight symptom since Adam and Eve ate the fruit and tried to hide from God.

In order to hold onto their wealth, rather than relinquish it to the government to spend on crack monkeys, the so-called ‘Rich’ will put their money in tax-exempt securities or offshore banks. Attack someone’s income with crippling taxes, they are going to find ways around the system.

Basic math classes are also obviously needed on Capitol Hill. Someone’s going to have to explain that ‘eleventy-billion’ isn’t actually a real number, and no, they can’t borrow that much from China.

If Republicans are adding to the deficit by not raising taxes, then all of you are stealing from me by not giving me twenty bucks. Seriously people, I need it to cover my deficit. I am here providing an educational service for you, and whether you need it or not, you should pay for it. While you’re at it, please pay my medical bills too; I’d rather spend my money on cars, cell phones, appliances, shoes, and HDTV.

There’s no way to say that Republicans are adding to the national debt by refusing to raise taxes on the country’s job-producers, because it fails to take into account the human element. Government funds are dollars paid by real live people, and there’s no way to predict how many they will actually fork over to Uncle Sam. The best thing we can do is study the history of economies, factor in human nature, and not forget our basic math skills.

Spending money we don’t have on bailouts, stimulus packages, government-run health care, etc adds to the deficit. Don’t blame the Republicans for that.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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