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Could Lame Duck Be a Big Win for Obama Agenda?

Rezident Obama walked from Blair House to the White House after a meeting with business leaders on Wednesday.Not hardly but...

"There's a clean slate coming starting Jan. 1, when Republicans are back in control. They are going to start judging then." - Kevin Madden, Republican strategist

Indeed.  This is when the RINOs will either decide to return to being a "conservative" or those that are coming in will either be seen as a True Conservative or a Democrat In Drag.  We will see.

Is President Obama on the verge of one of his most productive months in office?

Far from being the legislative wasteland that some had predicted, this year’s Congressional lame-duck session has developed into an intense, make-or-break series of cliffhanger events for the president and his soon-to-expire Democratic majority in the House.

Mr. Obama is now on the knife’s edge; the hours and days ahead could go either way for him. But the president is concluding 2010 by directly confronting issues that have come to define the sweep of his presidency – the economy, foreign engagement and questions of social justice.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the president won passage of the $858 billion tax deal he reached with Republicans and he appeared close to achieving approval of the landmark nuclear treaty he negotiated with the Russians. Both political parties have grudgingly agreed to do whatever is necessary to keep the federal government operating by approving an extension of the current budget authority into early next year.

And in something of a surprise, it appears there may be enough Republican support to provide Mr. Obama with a victory on a major promise: to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bars gay people from serving openly in the armed forces.

“This might turn out to be a very good month for the president,” said Fred Sainz, a spokesman for Human Rights Campaign, which backs repeal. “Getting rid of D.A.D.T. is important not just to the gay community but to progressives as a whole. If he’s able to get this done, I think it will send an important message that he’s still got his progressive creds.’”

Those successes could still slip through his fingers. The clocks in the halls of Congress were ticking loudly this week as lawmakers – eager to leave for their holiday vacations – argued about how much could still be crammed into the final hours.

And the achievements will have come at a cost. The president’s liberal base is angry at what they view as his willingness to compromise too much in the service of getting the tax bill done. And conservatives waiting in the wings to wield their House majority next year are offended by the decision to push through the Democratic agenda at the end of this session.

But taken together, the scope of legislative activity has surprised many people in Washington who last month had expected little to be accomplished between Republican victories in November and January, when scores of new conservative lawmakers arrive.

On Wednesday, The Washington Times editorial board called it the “lame duck on steroids” and accused Democrats of abusing the system on their way out.

“The responsible thing to do would be to place everything on hold and await the next Congress, as happened the last two times power changed hands on the Hill,” the paper wrote. “The outgoing leadership’s last, desperate rush to force through unpopular measures — after voters repudiated them at the ballot box — is symptomatic of the institutional corruption of this Congress.”

Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have largely ignored those accusations and have aggressively pushed forward on the pieces of their agenda that remain unfinished from the past two years.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada announced Thursday night that the Senate would hold a final vote, probably this weekend, on an immigration reform bill – even though that legislation appears headed to failure.

“We will soon vote on a bill that provides young people brought here by their parents with a path to citizenship through academic achievement or military service,” Mr. Reid declared Thursday. “After that, we will vote to determine whether we follow the advice of our military leadership and repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’”

Only climate-change efforts, which stalled during the 111th congress, have not gotten a hearing in the final days of the session.

But even so, by the time January arrives, it appears that Mr. Obama might be in a position to begin the second half of his term with surprising momentum. A senior White House aide declined to comment, perhaps out of fear of jinxing the administration in the 11th hour.

Kevin Madden, a Republican strategist, said both parties should be prepared for a new day when they return to the capital after the holidays. He said the American public expect a different attitude from the president and lawmakers than they received during the past two years.

“They know there’s a lot of noise and posturing coming out of D.C.,” Mr. Madden said of voters. “There’s a clean slate coming starting Jan. 1, when Republicans are back in control. They are going to start judging then.”

...don't tell the marxist-sociopathetic libtards.

The Snooper Report.
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