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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.
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Obama the Ideologue: Communism Front and Center

Obama denies being an ideologue or a Bolshevik, why? Is he ashamed of his heritage and convictions, are just intent on keeping his motivations covert until the right time to spring his true nature upon us. Or is there a technicality that we need to grasp?

Interesting questions, aren't they?  Perhaps the real meaning is who his daddy is because it most certainly is not on the alleged on-line certificate of whatever that is the liberals so posted last year and none since...seeing that it was a fraud to start with.  More on that here, On Eligibility To "Rule" As POTUS, but it is covered here, Do Birthers Rock and Roll or Stop and Drool?.  Now, onward to Skookum's article at Flopping Aces, America's Bolshevik.

Obama grew up as a Communist and make no mistake about it.  It was his Uncle Fred that I think is in fact his Daddy but that's just me.  I'll know if I ever get to see his real birth certificate.  I am sure by now that the proper credentials have been made and the document is being made to look like an ancient document by now.  But, Skookum makes several good points that I have made in article after article after article here at the Snooper Report, the articles at Wordpress and Blogger all rolled back into this blog called the Snooper Report.

[...] Eventually, Lenin died and Stalin gained control of the party, Trotsky was exiled and wrote extensively condemning Stalin’s ‘incorrect’ version of Communism by referring to it as Bolshevism, a derivative of Bolshevik, in apposition to Leninism. Consequently the term Bolshevik developed negative connotations for the ‘pure’ Communist; perhaps this explains President Obama’s displeasure at being called a Bolshevik. He like many others must feel the sting of those who are critical of Stalin’s regime. [...]

The List of 45.  It is an iinteresting tale but don't tell the "progressives".  They'll get angry and say something like "there's a communist behind every tree!"  Well?  We have LOTS of trees around and we have lots of communists running around and quite a few are the Congress Critters.

The List of 45 was introduced to the United States Congress in the 1960's and from that point forward, the List has been fulfilled to the point of 95%.  We are almost as the threshold of Stupid and stupid is as stupid does and Obama is leading that charge.  The problem is that the vast majority oif Americans have calloed a screeching halt to PelosiCare, ReidCare and Obamacare.  I supose that's why the unconstitutional federal health care Bill is now being televised now that the entire Bill is dead.  So much for the transparent backroom dealings, Obama.

[...] All things considered, I understand why a true Marxist in the Russian tradition balks at being labeled a Bolshevik, it is an insult from the days of Trotsky’s bitter writing over his ouster and banishment. Being upset at being labeled an Ideologue is a matter of history. In the context of the early days of the French Revolution, President Obama should consider it a compliment to be called an ideologue, If his frame of reference is from the Napoleonic perspective, he is indeed an Ideologue, after all Karl Marx frequently implied that it was essential to be an Ideologue. Obviously President Obama is confused over these issues as he seems to be over many issues. It would probably be a much easier presidency if he would just be honest with the American People and admit that he is a Communist Ideologue, with his reelection chances diminishing daily, he has reached the point where honesty can only improve his ratings. Of course if he had been honest in the beginning, he would have never been elected. [end]

Indeed.  He never would have been elected in the first place had he been honest about what the REAL Hope and Change really meant.  I suppose he really didn't get a good gleeming on that Uncle Fred talk and those lessons from Saul Alinsky.  Better luck next time, fool.  Better luck next time.

At Flopping Aces there is a complete run down about the CPUSA and they match almost to the T what the Obama and The Obama Clansmen are all about.  Go read it because it is too long to place here.  And then compare it to the List of 45.  Take your "suprised glasses" with you.

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