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David Brooks: Educated Beyond His Intelligence

That's what my Dad used to tell me long before his stroke and long before his Alzheimers.  Educated beyond their intelligence.  It is a symptom of stupid people with a full degree of something but have never learned or earned the title of Self Respect.  They never learned Common Sense.  They never learned Common Decency.  They have learned their books, their notes, their class work and what do they have?  Nothing.  Just a degree that means what the ink was written on.  Nothing.

I saw an article at Big Journalism written by Matt Patterson entitled, ‘Creased Pants’ NYT Pundit David Brooks Reveals the Arrogance and Ignorance Of His Class.  His class?  Class of what?  Class of Dumb?  Many people tell me that he writes so well and always has some sort of style.  I don't get that.  How can someone write with such class and style and still be an idiot?  What kind of a class is that?  I come from a long line of Grunts and we always watch out for The Dumb amongst our own and among the other dwellers of our Nation.  For those of us in The Know, it never mattered how smart some guy was said to be; it never mattered how thoughtful a man or woman was thought to be; it never mattered how clever one might say they were or how clever others said The One was; what mattered was how stupid they were and how arrogant they were.  Like just about everyone from Hollyweird or like some joker-clown moronic twit in the alleged news media.  They always made me sick when they "came to visit".

Now, I have never met David Brooks but I have read many of his articles and I have concluded that he is a jerk and jerks rank very low on my totem pole.  To me, a jerk is worthy of a healthy tinkle pattern from a neighborhood dog.  Like I said, I come from a long line of Grunts and call me what you will, just bite me.  I am what I am and that's that.  I color code nothing.  I sugar coat nothing.  And David Brooks, as "smart" as he may or may not be; as "attractive" as he may or may not be; as such a "wonderful writer" as he may or may not be, he is a jerk, an idiot and educated beyond his intelligence.

This is what he said at a "meeting" of The Dumb and this is what happens when dumb people meet and talk talk like they know what in the hell they are talking about.

[...] "It's not conservative, it's not pro-Republican, it's just a recoil from what's happening [in Washington]." [...]

Have you ever heard of anything as stupid as that?  I mean really.  Where has this maroon been standing?

Matt Patterson writes:

[...] Has Brooks actually convinced himself of this tripe?  The tea partiers recoil from Washington precisely because of their commitment to small-government conservatism; because Washington now represents the antithesis of their deeply held conservative principles.  Brooks would know this if he actually talked to some Tea Party members instead of viewing them with horror and barely concealed disgust from his Beltway offices. [...]

I rarely write with such an evervescent style of anything, spouting out insulant overtones and pretty much just pissing in the wind.  I normally write like I do just to piss off the marxist-sociopaths and it works.  However, what I do understand is verbiage no matter who writes it and what Matt Patterson wrote is far above what anything David Brooks will ever write or has written or has even dreamed of writing.

Such is the same when idiots in DC talk about "don't ask don't tell"...they never ask the men and women that serve.  Such is the same when idiots in DC talk about raising your taxes for a small group of people that don't need it, they just want it...they never ask the people they will tax.  The same for education...they never ask the parents.

The Tea Party.  Taxed Enough Already.  Do they not uderstanhd that?  Don't they understand that it is Democrats, Republicans and Independents that attend Tea Partys?  Do they not understand what Conservatism is and don't tell me conservatism is what Andy Sullivan says it is, what Charles Idiot Johnson says it is or even what Newt Gingrich says it is.  Want to know what Conservatism is?  Ask Ronald Reagan.

So, David Brooks, from this wholly "entitled" Grunt that has served in far reaching places, shut up.  Give up on your take of the Tea Party because you haven't a damn clue what we are about and we shall bury your kind all nice and wrapped up in that Great Abyss of Obscurity.

NOTE: here's another article by the idiot Brooks: The Lean Years

Sure is a catchy phrase.  The problem?  Unemployment is YOUR fault.  Moron.  Who is this crack pot anyway?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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