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I Have A Differing View Here

Right Wing News did a survey and I suppose all his guest bloggers aren't really conservatives.  At least that's what I can tell.  They may be Republicans with a few conservative slants but they most certainly are not a Reagan Era Conservative.  I cannot believe the answers given here and I bet RWN nneds to get a better grip on its bloggers.

First question: Would you favor or oppose giving illegal immigrants now living in the United States the right to live here legally if they pay a fine and learn English?

My first answer: HELL NO!

RWN answers are Favor 24% and Oppose 76%.  At least we agree there.

Second question: Do you believe Barack Obama is a racist who hates White people?

My second answer: Hell yes!

RWN answers are Yes 29% and No 71%.

I suppose the bloggers never paid any attention to Rev Wrong or the church the Obama's went to for almost 20 years.  I suppose no one has paid any attention to the racist Michelle Obama either.  I suppose no one knows that Obama shed his whiteness as is revealed in his books.  How does one shed their whiteness and remain a non bigot?

Third question: Do you believe ACORN stole the 2008 election?

My third answer: Hell yes!

RWN answers are Yes 20% and No 80%.

Either someone has either answered wrongly here or these people must be brain dead.  I suppose it was the Republicans that went around everywhere getting the dead to raise their hands and vote.  I also suppose none of these bloggers ever saw the scandulous ACORN "glitch" videos as issued by Pat Dollard and Andrew Breirbart. I also suppose that it was the Republicans that went around and registered voters without the voters being registered ever knowing it.  Where do these bloggers come from and why does anyone pay any attention to them?

Fourth question: Should openly gay men and women be allowed to serve in the military?

My fourth answer: Hell no!

RWN answers are Yes 53% and No 47%.

Good God Almighty.  I can only imagine that none of these derelicts ever served in the trenches with another man.  Good grief.  Who in the hell needs that kind of utter stupidity?  I would love to know how many of these "conservatives" ever served in the military.  How many?  And, seeing what the next question is all about and how they answered the question leads me to believe that someone is lying.

Fifth question: Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?

My fifth answer: Hell no!

RWN answers are Yes 24% and No 76%.

Can you figure this one out or what?  How can they allow the "gays" (homosexuals) to go ahead and sign up and serve the American Military and then turn around and say they cannot get married?  How does anyone get around that?

Sixth Question: Should Barack Obama be impeached, or not?

My sixth answer: Hell yes!

RWN answers are Yes 11% and No 88%.

11% say yes.  That means the others are as brain dead as your local Republican and lean towards being a Democrat In Drag or a marxist-sociopath that has run the muck at some education of the Order of Dumb.  What campaign promises has Obama kept?  What part of the united States COnstitution has Obama kept up until this point in time?  And they say NOT to impeach the marxist-sociopath?  Are they kidding me?

Seventh question: Do you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, or not?

My seventh answer: does it matter?  I wouldn't have answered this question because it matters not whether Obama was born here or not.  Read the USC and figure it all out.  It is that easy.

RWN answers are Yes 86% and No 14%.

Here's the deal.  In order for one to be a "natural born" citizen, BOTH parents must be American citizens whether or not they are naturalized citizens or born here in the States.  Period.  The Law of Nations was used to write our Constitution and was readily available back then as it is readily available now.

Eighth question:Do you think Barack Obama is a socialist?

My eighth answer: Yes.

RWN answers are Yes 89% and No 11%.

See anything odd here?  Do they not read the questions?  Do they?  Check the Sixth question.  Then check this question.  How does a "socialist" compensate with the United States Constitution and then tell me if the bum cannot be impeached or not.

Anyway, Obama isn't a straight up "socialist".  He is the worst of the worse of the following: Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Black Liberation Theology and Social Justice.  You can roll him up into a Socialist because it is easier to say and you can also roll him up into being one of democracy because that's what he is trying to change this Nation into.

Ninth question: Do you believe your state should secede from the United States?

My ninth answer: Hell yes!

RWN answers are Yes 6% and No 94%.

That's because they don't live in Texas.  Anyway, if the Nation is going like it is now, I want OUT OUT OUT!  And I want OUT now.  I guess I don't blame the others for answering as they did here.  Seeing that they think Obama is a socialist and don't want him impeached I suppose they deserve their options.  And they can take their gay military too.

Tenth question: Do you think the Democrats are going to pass a health care bill?

My tenth answer: Hell no!

RWN answers Yes 26% No 74%.

And we agree on that one.  The marxist-sociopaths will try to ram something thru but it will fail.

Bloggers surveyed:

101 Dead Armadillos, Ace of Spades HQ, All American Blogger, All That Is Necessary, The American Princess, The Anchoress, And Rightly So, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Argghhhh!, Axis of Right, Bad Example, Basil's Blog, Black and Right, Bookworm Room, Bright & Early, Bull Moose Strikes Back, Cao's Blog, Confederate Yankee, Copious Dissent, Dodgeblogium, Doubleplusundead, Drumwaster's Rants, Election Projection, Cara Ellison, Exurban League, Fausta's Blog, Cassy Fiano, Flopping Aces, Fraters Libertas, Freeman Hunt, GayPatriot, Generation Patriot, GOPUSA Northeast, GraniteGrok, Guardian Watchblog, Paul, IMAO, Infidels Are Cool, JammieWearingFool, The Jawa Report, Linkiest, Little Miss Attila, Mean Ol' Meany , Moonbattery, Midnight Blue, mountaineer musings, Mount Virtus, No Oil For Pacifists, No Runny Eggs, Outside The Beltway, The Nose On Your Face (Buckley), The Nose On Your Face (Potfry), Pal2pal, The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill, Pirate's Cove, Pirates Man Your Women!, QandO, Right Wing Rocker, Right View from the Left Coast, Russ. Just Russ, Say Anything, Don Singleton, Sister Toldjah, The Smallest Minority, Snark and Boobs, Solomonia, Stolen Thunder, The Sundries Shack, Don Surber, This Ain't Hell, The TrogloPundit, Twenty Mule Team, Viewpoint, Wolking's World, Word Around the Net, YidwithLid

The Daily Wack Off KOSmonoff survey is here.

Naturally I never get a choice to participate but then again, so what?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (4)

"The Law of Nations was used to write our Constitution".

Fantastic. Could you please point me to the relevant bits in the Law of Nations that corresponds to our Constitution.

A detailed response please. Please point me to the page in Law of Nations that sets out our structure of government.

Please refer me to the page in Law of Nations. Here's the link for your ease of reference.

On closer examination of Vattel's text - you'll see it's called "Law of Nations" for a reason. It's about International Law - so good luck finding the source of the US Constitution there.

But knock yourself out.

February 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkris

Oh good God Almighty. How many times have we been thru this before and you are STILL asking the question about the Law of Nations? Are you stuck on some retarded judicial guffaw someplace?

February 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Snooper, I've given you the link, now show me the page. It's real simple.

Or it would be real simple if the Law of Nations said what you say it says.

It doesn't.

You people blather on about Law of Nations and Vattel - but you haven't bothered it read it. You refuse to read it.

If you're so right and I'm so retarded, point me to the page and enlighten me.

I won't hold my breath as I could be waiting a long time.


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkris

The link is IN THE DAMNED post so don't hand me the usual "I'm a libtard and can't find the data that proves me wrong" crap. It hasn't worked on me in over 41 years so don't try to start it now. Judas H Priest. Have you NOT read the post? The UPDATES to the post?


February 14, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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