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Messiah-less v Leaderless

Messiah-less, but NOT Leaderless..., by JB Williams

The real grass-roots patriot movement has a clear message for Washington DC…

In 2010 and 2012, it’s going to be the patriot way or the highway for DC elitists in both political parties and there is nothing the DC establishment can do to stop it or hijack it!

Sure, if the movement really was about six hundred Palin fans in Nashville, it would be easily hijacked and frankly, if that was the case, why bother to hijack it?

Contrary to media efforts to paint the patriot movement as a fractured “leaderless movement” headed for the ash heap or the anti-establishment political bone yard, the patriot movement is far from leaderless. In fact, unlike the political left always in search of a messiah, the right is full of leaders, all over the country.

It is however, without any particular political messiah… and that’s what makes politicos nervous. Political messiahs are for the political left, not the right.

While some new patriots are enamored with the star power of a Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck, the patriots of old are under no illusions about the status quo politics that aims to misdirect attention away from a true grass-roots reclaiming of the country, onto the latest media darling of the moment.

Politicos can’t fathom that average American patriots can muster the power to reclaim their country without a political messiah to lead the way. They can’t begin to imagine the true power of a real grass-roots movement committed to real patriotic change, or maybe they simply dare not imagine such an insurmountable force.

In the old political paradigm, one could always follow the money trail to find the power behind a political movement. But there is no real money trail to follow behind the patriot movement, and that’s driving political analysts stark raving mad.

In fact, if there is a money trail to follow, it probably isn’t a grass-roots movement. That might be the easiest way to separate the real movement from the profit or power driven poseurs trying to ride the wave of millions of patriots currently fed up with all of the poseurs.

The American people do not need a political messiah, nor do they need a billionaire George Soros in order to take their country back from the international socialists now in control.

All they need is millions of average American patriots, unified in a tangible strategy, who share a common take-no-prisoners commitment to protecting and preserving individual freedom and liberty.

Leaderless? Not exactly…

The patriot movement is made up of millions of American citizens from all fifty states, not six hundred Palin groupies televised from Nashville last weekend. Nothing against Sarah - I’m sure she makes a mean moose stew. But defacto messiah of the Tea Party she ain’t… and believe me, if you’re willing to pay $500 to $1000 each to listen to Sarah read from the palm of her hand at a rate of $2500 per minute - you’re a Sarah groupie…

There are local leaders, county leaders, state leaders, regional leaders and national leaders. They are in Tea Party, 912, Town Hall and We the People groups. Leadership is easy to find in the political right, and that in part, is what makes unifying the right somewhat of a challenge, like herding cats, so to speak.

The Unifying Convention

What aimed to be nothing more than a profit venture in Nashville has indeed turned out to be a unifying event. The millions who declined to attend the event in Nashville are more unified than ever, to some degree, as a direct result of the media circus in Nashville.

Palin’s effort to create an impression of RNC Tea Party unity before heading off to campaign for Tea Party archenemy John McCain, backfired. It has instead, been reported as a failed palm cluttered crib note attempt to hijack the movement, or more accurately, create that impression for the press.

The applause lines were all in place, but the obvious lack of substance was overwhelming. Sarah had to remind herself to “be uplifting.” No, seriously…

Patriots vs. Poseurs

A January 26, 2010 Politico article reports – “Newt Gingrich wants a new Contract for America. - Dick Armey and his tea party allies want a Contract from America. - House Minority Leader John Boehner has his own ideas along these lines, and he just hired the guy who was in charge of the original Contract for America to help out.”

But the American patriots already have a “contract with and for America….” It’s called the US Constitution. It provides certain unalienable rights to states and individuals, along with very specific limited enumerated powers to the federal government, which is to exist and perform at the pleasure of the people and the states.

The Tenth Amendment was added for those with poor comprehension skills. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The patriot movement exists because neither political party recognizes the terms and conditions of that contract as of today, and if any DC politicians want to keep their job, that is going to have to change.

The idea that Gingrich or Army can come up with a better Contract for America than the US Constitution overestimates the talents of two well-known inside the beltway politicos, and underestimates the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. Honestly, the effort looks more like a campaign launching pad for Gingrich-Army 2012, than any grass-roots organization.

The patriot movement is not about Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Gingrich, Army, Palin or Beck. It’s about the US Constitution, our free-market economy and the future of freedom, liberty and prosperity in America.

It’s not about Republicans and Democrats - it’s about patriots and poseurs.

Elitists Had Better Prepare for the Worst

The unwashed masses are awake, they are aware, they are engaged, and that’s what has everyone talking, and some retiring before they can lose their re-election bid.

But it’s about to get much worse for the elitist poseurs in DC and the lame stream press…

If you think they are worried about the patriot movement today, just wait until they see all of those patriot groups unified in purpose, moving together as one, headed in the same direction, at the same time, by the millions, with one goal in mind…. Taking their nation back from the poseurs!

They say it can’t happen, because they hope it won’t happen and they will say or do anything to keep it from happening. But in the end, they can’t stop it and they can’t hijack it.

This day is near… First they woke up, then they became aware, then they engaged and then, they united…

The left fears nothing more than a unified right. But this day is coming, and it is coming very soon. The poseurs will fall by the wayside and the patriots will coalesce. Early signs are visible, and the urgency is growing. The more the left tries to divide the right, the more united the right will become. The more the RNC tries to harness the movement, the more the movement will seize control of the RNC.

The time is near, the moment is right. The United States of America does not belong to a handful of career politicos or international thugs. This country belongs to American patriots and some DC elites have mistaken tolerance for acceptance.

Marxism (aka progressivism) will never be acceptable in America, and the people’s tolerance is at end.

It’s not a revolution, it’s a restoration, and it just can’t end well for those foolish enough to back a rattlesnake or an American patriot into a corner.

JB Williams

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." - Jefferson´╗┐

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