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Evan Baye - See Ya

DTRT has the Fox News report and I know we have all seen it but I am going to go through a few things that we all need to go through.  Just remember, Evan Baye will be the 2012 Democrat Party presidential running dude in 2012.  I'm just saying that just to get it all out there because he does have a huge amount of money in his war chest and at the moment, Obama is on his own right now...Pelosi and Reid don't count.  His war chest is sitting at $13 Million or more.

Ezra Klein has said many things but this is "Rather" peculiar: Evan Bayh: An ordinary politician - we all know that Ezra is an idiot because he is in fact a marxist-sociopath by design because someone of his stature cannot be dragged into something.  Right?  Right.  Ezra even says that Evan wasn't as bad as "everyone" thought he was.  That's because Evan was strictly against our Troops...just like Ezra.  Idiot.

Chris Cillizza from The Fix says: Winners and losers from Evan Bayh's retirement - This person is "Rather" mixed up and it won't figure anything out for at least several weeks.  I wonder why it is taking this person so long to figure all of this out.  Evan Baye did what he did because he didn't want to get clobbered in 2010 even though "he was 20 points ahead" and he has his sights out to clobber the idiot Obama and his community organizing in 2012.

The All Barack Channel says: Evan Bayh Blasts ‘Brain-Dead Partisanship’ - Evan says he is after a 2016 roll and said he can do more in the private sector than he could as a worthless dweeb in the Senate.  Then again, that's the All Barack Channel.

David Dayen at Smoldering Schmuck Puddles says: Senate Candidate Tamyra D'Ippolito: "Politics in Indiana is the Old Boy's School." - that's because she knew she wasn't going to win eligibility to run in this seat because she didn't have the votes to get there.  I knew it yesterday.  And, she knows it now.  Now, naturally, it was stated that she was already running in the race before Evan Baye begged out even though it was a GRAND disillusionment for him to bow out.  So, shut up, David.  Moron.

UHOH!  Reid Wilson (I'd change my first name there) from Hotline On Call says: IN Dem Misses The Deadline - darn.  She only had how many signatures (votes)?  She needed 4500 signatures about 500 from all 9 districts and she got an alleged 3500.  Some GOPers went out after her in the hopes that she got on board but that wasn't the case.  So now the DNC controlled and manned by marxist-sociopaths will be trying for Brad Ellsworth or Baron Hill.  But, that's OK.  Someone from the Tea Party will travel in and take the Senate seat.

Donald Douglas has the scoop here: The Real Reason for Evan Bayh's Retirement

Bayh: Congress Has Created No Jobs - REALLY?  Don't tell Obama, Pelosi or Reid!  They'll disagree and those nuke places?  10 years.  Mark it.

"If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months."

OUCH!  Where's Waldo?  Or ET?

Gateway Pundit

Haven't we been saying this exact same thing for DECADES now?  However, according to Hot Air, CNN knows best and says that Government has all the answers.  Typical marxist-sociopaths.

Here's the idiot that didn't have the required votes to run in the Senate but said that she did.  She is now reminding me of Debra Medina.

She has also claimed that Rahm Emanuel screwed it all up for her.  Typical moonbat stuff.  If she was running in the race, don't you think that she would have had the signatures already to go instead of waiting for the blow off?

Sam Stein at the Huff and Puff says: Evan Bayh's Retirement Leaves Democrats Scarred And Demanding Aggression and Doug Ross says  Top Democrat Strategists Formulate Awesomely Cool Plan to Recover From Bayh Defection: Obama Should Use Bully Pulpit More Often - and there's your Leftinistra Civility right there.  If we cannot get the people to see it our way, we will "talk to you" more and better!  Hey, Sam?  SHUT UP you marxist-sociopathic dweeb.  Demanding aggression?  Where's the Secret Service?

Evan Baye.  Mark my words.  It is 2012 for an Obama thrashing.

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