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Marjah Afghanistan - What's Your Drothers

While "Bush Did It, The Stimulus Worked, And A Second Depression Is Impossible", we are at war.  Period.  This Nation is at war.  Why is it that this war is taking so bloody long and why is Obama acting like a depraved community organizer?  Go to Pat Dollard's place and watch that video and then come back here and tell me just what that flake Obama is yakking about.  If we lose this war in Afghanistan like the marxist-sociopaths (Democrats and some Republicans) tried to do 45 times in past years, we won't have Heath Care.  We won't have Socialist Security.  We won't have Unemployment Insurance.  We won't have anything.  What we will have is Jiahdi and Haji running around making Shari'a Law from sea to shining sea.

Just ask that idiot Brennan.  He'll tell ya...chuckle chuckle snort snort.

From Pat Dollard via the BBC: Cowardly Taliban Degenerates Using Civilians As Human Shields

We have seen this happen time and time again from Indonesia to Spain, from Kenya to Egypt and most recently in Iraq, taking Afghanistan out of the picture...for now.  If that us how Jihadi and Haji are operating over there, what in the hell will they do here and what is happening in this Nation at this very moment?

What should we do?  Should we be Killing vs. Capturing/Interrogating Terrorists?  Are we to believe in the sheer lunacy of Andrew Sullivan, David Brooks, Ezra Klein, Joe Klein or any other marxist-sociopath like Biden?  Like Obama?  I say take no prisoners.

A few weeks ago, an "Afghan Taliban" (outside of the Taliban of Pakistan-whatever that means) was captured in Pakistan when it was said that there were no "Afghan Taliban" in Pakistan.  Be that as it may be, another "Afghan Taliban" has recently been captured in Pakistan.  Is Marjah having that kind of affect on the Taliban in Afghanistan and why has it taken so long to get here?  Is it NATO?  Why, YES!  NATO sucks.

I have already talked about Afghanistan and I have, in times passed, gotten away from the War due to the heartache here at home with a marxist-sociopath trying to screw the Nation up back here at home.

We don't have time for the VP v VP messes that Biden starts.  Joe Biden tried so hard to LOSE the war in Iraq 45 times.  45 times.  45 times.  So, shut up, Joe.  Go drink your Schnopps, lick on Nancy and be done with it.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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