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Brutal Terror Techniques

Where do the Leftinistra get these airhead ideas of theirs?  I wonder which dictionary they use.  It certasinly cannot be the 4th version of the Geneva Convention and it most certainly isn't in the usual dictionaries in this Nation.  So, where does the New York Slimes get this idea from?

New York Times: Report Faults 2 Authors of Bush Terror Memos

WASHINGTON — After five years of often bitter internal debate, the Justice Department concluded in a report released Friday that the lawyers who gave legal justification to the Bush administration’s brutal interrogation tactics for terrorism suspects used flawed legal reasoning but were not guilty of professional misconduct.

The report, rejecting harsher sanctions recommended by Justice Department ethics lawyers, brings to a close a pivotal chapter in the debate over the legal limits of the Bush administration’s fight against terrorism and whether its treatment of Qaeda prisoners amounted to torture. [...]

Carrie Johnson / Washington Post: Bush lawyers who approved waterboarding to face no discipline

Bush administration lawyers who wrote memos that paved the way for waterboarding of terrorism suspects and other harsh interrogation tactics "exercised poor judgment" but will not face discipline for their actions, according to long-awaited Justice Department documents released Friday. [...]

I'll fiind it interesting how the libtards handle all of this but, until there is a definition of the "other harsh interrogation techniques", there won't be any problems.

Jennifer Rubin / Commentary: Yoo and Bybee Cleared, Justice Department's Shoddy Investigation Exposed

The Justice Department has finally closed a sorry chapter in its history — the attempt to criminalize the work of Department lawyers who rendered legal judgment on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in American history. The Office of Professional Responsibility, as the Washington Post report notes, had doggedly pursued John Yoo and Jay Bybee, who as Justice Department lawyers authored memos providing advice and direction on enhanced interrrogation methods including waterboarding. In a Friday information dump (which tells you it does not aid the cause of the administration and those seeking Yoo’s and Bybee’s punishment), we got a glimpse at two drafts of OPR’s report, its final report, and then the recommendation of David Margolis, a career lawyer and Associate Deputy Attorney General. [...]

And the Obama Disadministration takes another hit.

Friday night news dump: No DOJ discipline for authors of Bush “torture memos” - AMEN

Cleared ! Bush-Era Lawyers Cleared of Misconduct For Water-Boarding Memos - Double AMEN

DOJ Clears Bush Lawyers On Torture, Left Apoplectic - Apoplectic?

[...] But, it’s no wonder the Obama DOJ dumped the story late Friday

  • Firedoglake: This is essentially getting away with murder, or if you like, torture.
  • Unbossed: It’s a tour de force of seeing-no-evil.
  • Raw Story points out that Excitable John Conyers, not exactly a paragon of professional behavior, will hold hearings in an actual official room, rather than his typical basement playset one.
  • Balkanization: Whether or not the DOJ refers Yoo and Bybee for professional discipline, no one should think that either man behaved according to the high standards we should expect of government attorneys. They, and the government officials who worked with them, shamed this nation. They dragged America’s reputation in the dirt. They severely damaged our good name in the eyes of the world. They undermined the values this country stands for and that the legal profession should stand for. Nothing the DOJ does now–or fails to do–will change that.
  • Taylor Marsh simply calls her post “Tortured America.” Which is funny because it was foreign extremist Muslims who were made uncomfortable. Not sure if we used the comfy chair and soft pillows.

Then, of course, you also have the unhinged comments at those sites, along with the comments at Talk Left, The Huffington Post, and others, but, no post up at the DU as of yet. Give them time.  [...]

Jay Bybee and John Yoo cleared

Friday night (the traditional time to bury news), the Department of Justice finally released the report clearing former Department of Justice counsel of wrongdoing on the much hyped "torture memos," in which shortly after 9/11 they described what interrogation conduct was permitted in obtaining much needed intelligence of ongoing attacks. [...]

I have read the memo and for you, it is right here.  It is only 69 pages.

Bush Officials Cleared of Torture By Loony Obama Justice Department Officials

[...] Yesterday it was reported that this radical pool of attorneys cleared the two Bush attorneys who wrote memos that paved the way for waterboarding of terrorism suspects. Waterboarding was banned by the Obama administration despite the fact that it was a great success and saved thousands of American lives after 9-11.  Jennifer Rubin has more on this decision by the Obama Justice Department: [...]

Jennifer's piece is above.

Yoo and Bybee Exonerated by DOJ - and what about these 9 justices that were hired by a Jihadi sympathizer?

Byron York / Washington Examiner: Holder admits nine Obama Dept. of Justice officials worked for terrorist detainees, offers no details - Eric Holder: Okay, So Maybe Nine Justice Department Political Appointees Previously Worked for Terrorist Clients... And Your Point Is...? - Holder Admits Nine Justice Dept. Officials Worked for Terrorist Detainees - Obama Appoints Nine Terrorist Lawyers to Justice - Finally, Some Common Sense Out of Holder's Justice DepartmentA Reminder: Which Republicans Voted To Confirm Eric Holder and His Terrorist-Supporting Appointees in the DOJ -

Now all of the above collected articles have one thing in common.  Ev ery single idiot that voted for Eric Holders confirmation is in fact a marxist-sociopath and not only does Holder need to vanish from the confines of this Nation, he needs to be airlifted by the next shuttle craft to the sun.  Now, another thing I want to know is where in the world have these alleged conservative bloggers been?  Have I not said this exact same thing time and time again and now this is news?  Get a load out of the next bunch...

Obama’s Muslim Envoy Admits Defending US Terror Suspect - this is from Breitbart but where has everyone been? - Rashad Hussain Admits Cover-up of Past Comments on Terrorist Prosecutions - good God Almighty -
Obama's envoy to OIC admits he defended jihad terror leader -


I have already talked about this many times on my BTR show when I was doing those and many more since and before.  Where have these people been?  And why isn't Obama impeached yet?  And people wonder why I call Obama a Jihadi Sympathizer?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

oh, John Yoo is a jackass and his legal opinion is Alice in Wonderland - but here's the drill:

Counsel's advice is just that - advice. The decision maker was the CinC - not the lawyer.

Sometimes lawyers blow smoke up their client's asses and tell them what they want to hear. Most lawyers try to take an objective view - so if and when the case goes to court, the client knows his realistic prospects of success.

George W was never going to court. He just needed an argument that his Executive decision was grounded in law.

So John in Wonderland came up with a steaming pile of crap for the boss. Wouldn't you if your boss wanted you to make it happen?

You can't blame the lawyers for everything. Behind every lawyer is a client calling the shots.

Much as I disagee with Yoo's "learned" opinion - he is not a criminal.

February 22, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkris

So now Judges and attorneys are wrong because Bush did it?

February 22, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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