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New World Order - Obama Health Care Plan Today

Obama can be mostly "entitled" to Obama: Dust In The Wind, but I suppose that's for another story.  Some foilks say that Obama never did any math homework and Doug Powers says he never did any homework.  I suppose that explains his New Obamacare methodology that isn't such a new plan at all.  The new plan is to ram Cap and Tax Your Ass into the adjunct and defective and CRIMINAL global warming, and that isn't bad enough, now we are to get the whole unconstitutional federal health care Bill shoved down the American Ass right after the idiot seems to be talking about it is all related to something that no one can figure out.

We even have a few Democrat Governors basically concerned over Obama's track record.  Track record?  He has one of those?  I'd say it is a horrid track record like Gateway says but I didn't need Gateway to tell me what I have already known since before the schmuck was even in the race.

So, we have Harry Reid "giving in" to reconciliation and Mitch McConnell "giving in" to the alleged and vocal trap of the federal health care Summit gufaw.  How can this be a Summit when the unconstitutional federal health care Bill is going to be the worst of the worse of the House and Senate Bills rolled into one and making the Republicans "see the light"?  That's a Summit?  I suppose if one is a Mitch McConnell it is hard to place a cap on Obama's little tirade.  See video...


Some are saying that "The old bulls are tip toeing away from the president" in light of the "revived" unconstitutional federal health care Bill.  That may or may not be so but they aren't the marxist-sociopaths...or are they?  Have they seen the Big Picture coming their way in 2010?  2012?  2014?  2016?  I have seen it for quite a spell so I guess it is OK for the rest of the Nation to finally wake the hell up as well.

With the latest on Obama's faltering approval numbers, I suppose the upcoming Summit is to be a potion that revives the Nation.  I don't think that 22% of the Nation is going to revive anything but slim pickings for CPUSA.

[...] The President is not going to take no for an answer. Tomorrow he will unveil (finally, finally) his own version of ObamaCare. He hopes that his own popularity will buoy this latest attempt to pass something—anything—that has "health", "choices", and "America" in the bill title.

I think he's going to be disappointed. First, most Americans have now had a chance to evaluate the healthcare system and the alternatives proposed by the Democrats. Maybe if he'd done this seven months ago—remember, back when the time for debate was through?—he could have rallied people.

I'll say.  He might even get checked into Fairfield Hills up there in Connecticut just for a topical brain maneuver.  The American Thinker calls the Obamabot crews as the health care reform zombiecrats and to beware of them all.  In light of this Summit that we will all have three days to muster the fall outs, we have this marxist-sociopathic dweeb saying this: Dem Senator: We Will Use Reconciliation For A Progressive Revolution Beyond Health Care.  Did he really say this?


Yes he did say that.  So, as the Obama Clans are planning a political coupe on this Nation, a Progressive one, we have Obama now saying that it is time to move forward.  Some times I'd much rather be a fly on the wall just to hear what the skank Obama really means by that.  I also wonder how many books he reads that Michelle Obama has so gallantly collected.  Let's move forward.  That is a term like let's not look back.  Idiots.

While the Nation slides into that Great Depression Part 2 on Obama's signals because he is such a piss-poor community organizer, he now has developed another committee to see just where he screwed up and to see who he can blame for his own stupidity.  He is calling it the what?  A Deficit Committee.  All he needs to do is to see what decisions he has made and undo them all.  I know that sounds a little easy to say and difficult to do but it isn't.  Gary Wolfram asks: Do We Need a National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform? and I say, NO!

The President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is what everyone really knows it is—a bipartisan group of former and current political elites that will listen to hours of testimony by a select group of witnesses in order to create a report that will justify a tax increase for which there does not exist political support. The fact that the commission is being created by Executive Order rather than by congressional action tells us what the expected conclusion of the commission will be. [...]

Executive Order.  That's because everyone close to the moron says he won't get it any other way just due to the political fall out.

Pat Dollard

Constitutionality, the People's Will and Midterm Elections be damned: Dems Will Use Nuclear Option for Socialized Health Care Cramdown - but will it actually pass?  I think it will not.  But, then again, when was the last time a marxist-sociopath ever considered following the United States Constitution?  Consider this:

Low expectations on health summit could be a blessing for Obama

Few expect Thursday's health summit to generate significant momentum on healthcare reform. But that could be a blessing in disguise for President Barack Obama.

Obama needs to deliver some type of game-changer if he has any hopes of reviving the cornerstone of his domestic agenda. And there is little doubt that Obama is the underdog in his effort to overhaul the nation's health system.

Early in his presidential primary against Hillary Clinton, Obama showed he comfortable when the chips were down. However, when he gained the upper hand on her, he had trouble knocking Clinton out of the race.

He had to grind his victory over Clinton out. And healthcare reform is no different.

His plan was to pass a bill last year, but amid internal disputes in the Democratic Party, several deadlines slipped.

And throughout 2009, Obama deferred to Congress on the legislative details. Now, Obama is taking over at the wheel while Democratic leaders in Congress take a backseat. [...]

Backseat?  Yes.  It is politically correct to do so.  Personally, I think this federal health care debacle is going to vanish into nothingness where it all belongs.  It belongs in Utopia which is in fact a place called No Place.  But, don't tell Ezra Klein.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

Snooper, thanks so much for the link. The Deficit Committee - he had to do it by Executive Order, because the legislation couldn't pass Congress. He tried though! How much better can it get than the talk of reconciliation, and maybe they don't even have the 51 votes? Either way, health care passed or not passed is putting an end to The Time of Obama.

February 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaggie M. Thornton

The Time of Obama...damn! That's just scary!

February 22, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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