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November 2010 - Here Yet

Read this: Obama - Jihadi Scum (because that's what he is).  What about this one? Obama: I Would Put My 4 Months Up Against Any Admin Since FDR.  I wonder if he thinks that now?  Go read them all...about 3800 articles on Obama.  Oh.  Wait.  No Help In Afghanistan Because Obama Is A Jihadi Scum Bag.  That one got some angst from the other marxist-sociopaths.  I suppose having Obama tell NASA to undo their "machines" to explore space and to start working with "Jihad" doesn't make Obama a Jihadi.  Does it?  Well, he did say to help with Al Gore as well but we all know the Goracle is a Jihadi.  Anyway...

Holder Stacks Justice Department with Jihadists' Lawyer - OH NO HE DID NOT!  Yes he did and he let nine other Jihadi lawyers in the disadministration as well...something about it was OK or something.  Here's another one: Obama’s rules of engagement: Calling lawyers for permission to kill terrorists - OH NO HE DID NOT!  Yes he did.  It is the New Way.  This is worst than Vietnam.  I have ALWAYS hated the JAG Corp.  Lindsey Graham?  Him too.  Simpletons all of them.  Libtarded simpletons.  Marxist-sociopaths.  The Wall Street Journal tells the "tail".

How's this one? Soldiers Must Call Lawyers From the Battlefield, and Other Symptoms of the PC Apocalypse.  It's the same story as the Hot Air piece but from a different perspective.  The picture and captioin also tell the retarded tale of DADT...

An Army is a team. It eats, sleeps, calls its lawyer, Mirandizes alleged man-cause disaster initiators, serves the community and attends the gay wedding ceremonies of its platoon buddies as a team!

That's sad.

Eric Holder’s Radical Far Left Attorney Claimed Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Was Tortured; Pushed to Throw Out His Guilty Plea - I always believe a terrorist.

Jennifer Daskal is a radical far left American lawyer who serves as senior counsel for Human Rights Watch, and focuses on issues of terrorism, criminal law and immigration. She is also currently a political hire at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, which is seeking to prosecute terror suspects through the criminal justice system instead of through military tribunals. [...]

Jennifer Daskal.  I wonder where she is in the Disadministration now?

CAIR Wont Talk About Board Member Deported For Hamas Ties - WHAT?  SILENCE?  Why's that?  Where's Holder?  And? Unindicted Co-Conspirator/Muslim Brotherhood Front CAIR Unusually Quiet about Longtime Board Member's Deportation - UHOH!  But, what about Najibullah Zazi: Genome of the Homegrown Jihadist?  Isn't he an American that went to Pakistan, learned to make bombs and then was told to come back home to blow up the New York City subways?  But, that's OK.  He was just one of those misunderstanders of Jihad.  Where's those nine Holder Judges?  Never mind.  Great article there!

Hamas-linked CAIR uncharacteristically silent about longtime Board member's deportation for jihad terror ties - NO WAY!  Homegrown Haji?  You mean the Jihadis ARE here?  WHAT?  Do you think Shari'a Law will be here by 2050?

But.  Alas.  It's Sean Penn demonstrating what the True Colors are...

Excuse me but if we don't vote these arrogant pricks out of office in 2010 about the start of Novemeber and stop watching anything about Hollyweird except for the Good Guys there if there are any we are fucked.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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