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Valerie Jarrett - Those Dumb Americans

Via Valerie Jarrett...

Valerie Jarrett, Americans are Idiots, Obama Too Intelligent For Words - Valerie Jarrett: Maybe we should try talking to tea partiers in simpler terms - Valerie Jarrett: Simple-minded Tea Partiers Vs. Obama's Brilliance - Obama’s ‘BFF’ Likes Idea of Simple Booklets to Educate ‘Typical’ Tea Partiers - Jarrett Wants Pamphlets To Educate Those Darned Ignorant Tea Partiers - Valerie Jarrett's nauseating condescension -

[...] Valerie Jarrett is  senior adviser and assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs. Ms. Jarrett, is one of the President and First Lady's closest and longest held friends. [...]

Valerie Jarrett needs to be in jail for real estate fraud.

In fairness, although the questioner asks specifically about TPers, she seems to think that talking to everyone in simpler terms would be a good idea. Which is a standard lefty dodge. Just as Obama’s supposedly going down the tubes because he hasn’t been aggressive enough in building Great Society II, the ObamaCare meltdown is due not to public antipathy to the bill on the merits but to the failure of our American Pericles to properly explain it the first 8,000 times he talked about it on camera. [...]

Valerie Jarrett needs to be in jail for money laundering and real estate fraud.

According to Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Obama's so bright, he could solve all of America's problems if that pesky Congress didn't always get in the way. She also agrees that maybe a Government for Dummies booklet is just what those angry, extremist Tea Party folks need. [...]

Valerie Jarrett needs to be in jail for robbing American tax payers, money laundering and real estate fraud.

[...] "It's an anti-government...I mean that's the Tea Party. They really are, um, are, uh, trying to rebel against government at all. And I think that that's...again it's an extreme. It's always easier to scare people and get them angry when they're already scared...and I think that's what the Tea Party is trying to capture." [...]

Valerie Jarrett needs to be in jail for being a political hack from Chicago, robbing American tax payers, money laundering and real estate fraud.

I just wanted to thank President Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett for helping me realize that as a member of the Tea Party movement I am just too stupid to understand the workings of the health care debate.  During a taped discussion at Harvard University she enlightened the masses when she answered a gentleman in the audience who stated the following: [...]

Valerie Jarrett needs to be in jail for being a total Obamabot, being a political hack from Chicago, robbing American tax payers, money laundering and real estate fraud.

Valerie Jarrett.  It isn't the message you bring that we do not understand.  It isn't the concept of delivery of your message that we do not understand.  The problem is this - we are not marxist-sociopaths so the content of your message is abhorrent to a Free America.  You want Freedom, Valerie?  Move to the nearest marxist-sociopath Nation of your choosing.  Fee free to do just that.

She needs to find a new way of communicating "the message".  We know what "the message" is and that is why Obama's approval ratings are in the toilet.  That's why the unconstitutional federal health care Bill is right where it is after the fact of a completely Democrat Party Congress has screwed the entire thing up.  We know "the message" and you can cram your "message" right up your ass.

Wasn't this all about helping the illegal immigrants out?  Why is the health care like it is right now?  What happened?  Did you not read the constitution......oh, wait.  You did and it was a foreign entity.  I see.

Get this right, people: The Left Will Try to Split the Conservative Vote.  And we have already seen this in action in Nevada;  The Leftists Who Call Themselves the "Tea Party of Nevada" and How Patriots Can Thwart Them.  One must be very careful these days what with the likes of Code Whore and the other marxist-sociopaths that claim the US sucks and that includes Valerie Jarrett and her ilk of the marxist-socipathic and racist Obamaclansmen.  They are all racists and their uncivil traits of homogenous marxist-sociopathic terminology is readily rampant and I don't care if Glenn Beck says run away from a "revolution".  Just what is the Tea Party, Glenn?  What is the alleged New Obamacare, Glenn?  Do we fight back or what?

Don't forget...Stop Jarrett...Stanford alumni blow the whistle on Valerie Jarrett - Olympic-sized boondoggle: What Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are up to - other articles here -

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