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Idiots At the Blair House Part 3

I watched the entire Rape America Summit as The One talked for over half of the day and his cajones to talk for about half the rest of the time and the GOP talk the rest of the time and I noticed something.  I noticed what I have already concluded some time ago.  Obama and his Clansmen of Real Dumb are 100% clear, unadulterated nit wits.  Someone was using someone else's false teeth? What that has anything to do with Health Care is beyond me because there is no Dental Care in this unconstitutional federal health care Bill.  And, so what about the false teeth...she saved herself some money.

Anyway, here is a video collection of the day.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) took Obama to the cleaners today and mae his Marxist boots all dirty and Glenn Beck figures it all out, much to the chagrin of Dan Riehl...

Someone says that their was a GOP smack down on the marxist-sociopaths and Obama flips everyone off.

Elections have consequences but the marxist-sociopaths only thing the other side knows this and hundreds of protesters arrived at the scene.

Joe Biden turns into, well, assumes his regular role here and the next three videos after Biden are the Freak Show Shots.

We aren't campaigning even though we are still in campaign mode and DC has no clue.

And I don't give a damn about false teeth and Reagan might be saying something here (and can be viewed on my left hand side bar)

Sisyphus and the Summit (or Democrats Roll Obamacare Up A Hill) - and it was a tall hill seeing that The pelosi and The Reid said they didn't even need the non-marxist-sociopaths - Here's the marxist-sociopath from Crooked Morons, David Upstart Dweeb Neiwart, Michael Steele says Obama should have held a summit a year ago.  Then it's pointed out to him that in fact he did at Memeorandum - I wonder when these morons are going to move back into their Abyss of Obscurity - Obama's health care madness - Let free enterprise take over health care - Smug Fuck Ignorant Spoiled Powertripper Crashes Fraudulent Health Control Summit - Too Busy To Watch Health Care Summit Today…No Worry, Beck Describes The Whole Thing (video is above but the title is catchy) - "Republicans opened a can of whoop-ass today" - The Main Event: Ryan v. Obama (video is above top left) - Weekend At Bernie’s Wasn’t The First Allusion To Come To Mind For Today’s Circus - Media Coverage Censored of "Healthcare Summit" - David Gergen on the summit: Republicans had their best day in years - Winners and losers from the health care summit via Memeorandum - Healthcare Summit Afternoon: Facts vs. Sad Stories,POTUS Goes Partisan - 'ObamaCare is Dead': Town Hall Participants and Tea Partiers on the Health Care Summit - Obama: You know what sounds pretty good right now? Reconciliation - Eeeewwww! President Obama Picked His Nose During Health Care Summit - The Chicago Way… Obama Ends Bipartisan Summit at Blair House With a Threat (Video) - Health Care Summit Fact Check: Will Premiums Go Up? (yes they will) via Memeorandum - Paul Ryan Dismantles Obama's Claims of Cost Reductions - Paul Ryan to Obama: You realize your bill is a fiscal disaster, right? - Hitting the MUTE button on The Won - Randy Altschuler: ‘Scrap the Current Legislation . . . and Start Listening’ - Biden: “It’s Easy Being A Fucking Idiot” Or Something Like That - Fox Poll: 59% Say Scrap Health Care "Reform" Bill and Start Over; Only 34% Support Strictly Partisan Bill - We’ve All Been Jerked Off - We Are Being Governed by the Elite? Oh, Really? - Some possible uses for those Obama collector plates you bought for $20 apiece and which are now selling for $2 at Big Lots - In Today’s Health-Care Debate, Reputations Will Be Won and Lost - Conservative Pundits: Obama and Democrats Seem to Have Stepped Into a Trap of Their Own Devising - First Reaction to The Health Care Summit via Memeorandum - Hidden Healthcare Reform Objective: Feds Want to Know Your Number - Gallup poll shows Democrats have most to lose at the summit - Obama's Summit Posture - Rep. Paul Ryan: Washington Doesn’t Have All the Answers (Video) - Try to stay awake: the President has a healthcare Bill to pass - Health Care Summit, Afternoon Session Thread - Health Care Summit Live With Chat - Obama: “This Shit May Not Work Out” - With Video - Ryan: “We don’t think all the answers lie in Washington” - Two Obama Comments May Cost Him Health Care Debate (video above but this ios what he said - "We're not campaigning here. The election is over." and "I Don't Count My Time Because I'm The President" - Obama.  ASSHAT! - He has better STOP campaigning and start counting his time because he is done - Obama's Health Summit - “A Reading Guide to the Senate Bill’s Backroom Deals” - One of the Few Remaining Honest Reporters in America: John Kass of the Chicago Tribune On the Sham ‘Health-Care Summit’ - Dirty Political Tactic By Democrats: Reconciliation; and the Double Standard proven by video of 2005 comments regarding nuclear option - Harry Reid Whines About Republicans Using Reconciliation, Too - Stupak: 15-20 Democrats Withholding Support For WH Health Plan - Bipartisan Agreement: Thursday’s Summit Won’t Change A Damn Thing -

And that about settles the debate until tomorrow but let me end with one more video.  This is what the Republicans heard today and what the Democrats were actually saying to all that heard.

Rep. Anthony Weiner is a marxist-sociopath and needs to STFU

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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