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Obama and the Dems Pulling Out All the Stops for Health Care Takeover

Don't worry about the fraud Dennis Kucinich that would sell his celestial gumballs for a vote.  He said yes and Costello from Illinois is voting no so he didn't get anywhere and that's why he changed his vote to yes and makes him look better to The Nanna from San Franna.  Check out the link above for the voters.

Just remember, Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change.  Texas leads the Nation in text books and the COnservatives in Austin, TX have saved the day for our classrooms and the libtards are pissed off.  I wrote about this at least two months ago and it wasn't until news stories about the program caught on when the COnservativers steped up on their laurels and defeated the libtards.

And, as a hint, the American Black Market is about to get really busy...

[...] What is actually going to happen is that there will spring up a quasi-underground medical practice for people who can pay their own bills and do not rely on Medicare or (what will become dwindling) private insurance. Indeed, this has already started to happen with boutique clinics like the one I used. If I were a shrewd businessman, I would figure out some way to franchise it, or something, and make a fortune. [...]

So, thanks to the unconstitutional DemonSeed, Deem and Pass, Vote Without Voting just to pass the unconstitutional federal health care Bill, as Melissa Clouthier says, Up To 700,000 Lose Jobs Due To Health Care Reform.  I think it will be more as more and more sink into the Black Market for health care for Christ's sake.  Health Care Reform: About Doctors.  SHAZAAM!  There is much more about this but I will place a small shadow of things to come...

[...] 72% of physicians feel that a public option would have a negative impact on physician supply, with 45% feeling it will “decline or worsen dramatically” and 27% predicting it will “decline or worsen somewhat. [NOTE: This is the part that is most concerning. What will then happen is that the United States will recruit less-qualified drones to fill the jobs. As the role of physician becomes commoditized, the person seeking that job will change.] [...]

Pelosi says, "I never stop whipping. There's no beginning, there's no middle, and there's no end. My life is a constant whip operation" and to that I say, tar and feathers will look very good on your marxist-sociopathic ass, bitch.

Lefty Claims for the Latest, Greatest, Invisible, Still in Committee, Yet to be Inserted in the Shell Bill, Healthcare Highjack Bill - the title alone pretty much explains the  entire article.  But, then again, there's always the Op-Eds, right?

[...] If this debate had actually been about health care, we could have worked together to get a grip on costs, make quality care more accessible, address exclusions for preexisting conditions and realign the incentives of insurance companies with those of patients and doctors. Yet this process — including its embarrassing conclusion — demonstrates that the debate has never been about health-care policy but, instead, paternalistic ideology. [...]

That's right.  Screw the United States Constitution there Pauly, Mr Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  Nicely written article there but, you know, screw that damned ancient document that is the Nation's Law.

It doesn't really matter ladies and gentlemen.  The war is here and now.  Go ahead and don't believe it.  You'll see.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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