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I'm A Watcher - and A Doer

I like to watch.  I like to listen.  I like the talk.  I like to analyze.  It's what I do.  I like to take pictures in my mind of body parts and tonal inflections and make my evaluations.  Sometimes I just watch the TV news shows with no sound, make my assessments and then watch the news print to see if I was right...and I always am.  Funny how that always works out that way.  Most of the time, I just watch.  And do.

I was watching Megyn Kelly give Bart Stupak the run down and as nice and pretty as Megyn Kelly is, where has she been?  Does she not do her own research?  I suppose not.  I turned the volume on the 7-Speaker Surround Sound back to Rush Limbaugh, after I hung up the phone with JPA.  We are either going to save this Nation or we are going to get raptured out.  We will go out under the sound of gunfire or we will hear the sounding trumpets.  Either way, this Nation is finished.

I can just imagine what the Founding Fathers are thinking right now.  I can just imagine what Ronald Wilson Reagan is thinking right now.  I could give a damn about what Stalin, Lenin and Hitler are thinking right now but the only thing they could be thinking about is, "HEY!  Those dumbasses in America making the change to the systems we believed in but didn't work will be joining us in Hell!", but I don't even bother thinking about that.

Obama's going to Hell.  I know it.  Bart Stupak and the other marxist-sociopaths are also going to Hell in the end but why do I have to suffer?  I guess that's what the trials and tribulations are all about, eh?

I noticed that All American Blogger listed a bunch of web sites, left mine off, and I thought that was a pretty good thing to do so I will present his list here, include his own and add a few others.  What I need to say is this Health Care Debacle and Marxist Quagmire wasn't about Health Care at all.  I have read the Bill as most of the motons in DC have not.  It's all about the marxist-sociopathic take over of the American People under the blatant view of the others in DC that also swore their Oaths of service and because of the marxist-sociopaths, they bent over, got planks shoved up their asses as they went "bi-partisan" and they have no power at all.  And, if you watch the 20 posts I made yesterday and watch the videos thus placed you will notice that the People of the USA and the jerks in DC have no clue.

The processes of normal American Governance has been changed.  The Paradigm has shifted and I even wrote about that as well.  Federal Health Care is in fact unconstitutional, the vast majority of Americans did not want it, but the Will of the Congress was done because they know better than the average futz out here in the streets.  That much is an outright positive fact.

[...] Red State – Repeal the Bill. No Deals. No Fixes. No Compromise.

Gay Patriot – Obamacare passed, now AP says, Obama Must Sell it, Huh?

Hot Air’s Green Room – What Freedom Demands

Say Anything – Earl Pomeroy’s Brilliantly Subtle Cowardice

Senatus – Obama Expected to Sign Health Bill on Tuesday

Right Wing News – Poll: Will Health Care Reform Be Repealed


Neal’s Nuze – Game Over – Let Me Tell You What Happens Next

Neal’s Nuze – An America with ObamaCare

Riehl World View – A Big Victory for Students?

The Patriot Room – Health Care: What we learned

California Conservative – Judas Stupak: Liar (Video)

Stop the ACLU – So, Obasocialist Care Passed. What Next?

Caffeinated Thoughts – Funk: ObamaCare is Unconstitutional

Gateway Pundit: Phyllis Schlafly: Obamacare Exposed the Myth- “You Cannot Be Democrat & Pro-Life”

Holy Coast – Health Care Video of the Day

Don Surber – $1 trillion in taxes and health care cuts

Riehl World View – Americans Will Sue, Vote And Fight For Freedom Before It’s Lost

This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here – Healthcare bill screws veterans

Hot Air – Video: “Hell, no, you can’t!”

Sweetness & Light – The Special Interests Who Won Tonight

Pajamas Media – ObamaCare: The Coming Battles

Michelle Malkin – The gloater-in-chief: “Another stone laid in the foundation of the American dream;” Pelosi jokes: “No money exchanged hands (laughter);” Slaughter: “There is nothing now that we can’t tackle”

Michelle Malkin – Attorneys general launch lawsuit backlash against Demcare

Gates of Vienna – The End of the Beginning

Coyote Blog – Getting Ready for the New Health Care Regime

WizBang! – Wow, I feel a trillion dollars in debt already

Ace of Spades HQ – Hope it was worth it, Bart

Kim Priestap – Democrats pass ObamaCare by three votes

Right Wing & Right Minded – Screwed By The Government

Moonbattery – The Day America’s Healthcare Died

Right Wing News – Health Care Reform: We Lost. Now What? [...]

Pirate's Cove - So, Obasocialist Care Passed. What Next?

The Powers That Be - Just How Proud are the Dems of the Health Care Bill?

The Powers That Be - Sharpton: America Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Voted for Obama

Gateway Pundit - Sharpton: "Americans Overwhelmingly Voted For Socialism When They Elected Obama"

Matthew I Have Glass In My Ass - Perspective at Memeorandum...

I really don't care what Matthew Glassy Ass says about anything.  He is so "progressive" (read that as a marxist commie thug) that the Progressive Obama is in fact a class act.  I wonder what he thinks about others that feel differently than that?  Oh.  Wait.  It's that Free Speech thing but only for the marxist-sociopaths that only believe in Free Speech if you agree with them thing.

Throw bricks.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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