You Wanted Socialism - You Can Have It
Mon, March 22, 2010 at 14:39
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So the baby killer decied to go out with the other clowns after the marxist-sociopaths struck their gold and the Feds are still doing their FICA deal thousands of times each month under the marxist-sociopath Obama while they jeered at Bush II.  While all that is going on, we have the Leftinistra giving CNN a Hell's Bells over the hiring of Erick Erickson...there's that Free Speech thing again but the Obamaedia aren' Leftists, right?

[...] From Salon (What was CNN Thinking?) to Huffington Post (It’s Enough to Make You Throw-up) to our pals at Media Matters for America (Erickson’s History of Violent Incendiary, Sexist and Racially Charged Commentary), the intolerance for opposing viewpoints is really a breathtaking sight to behold. [...]

Interesting, isn't it?

And what about Al Sharpton working with Obama about that socialism stuff?

I wonder if the ObamaBus will carry the creep away, like Holder?

But WAIT!  We can always go with the REPEAL of Obamacare!  Go ahead and sign up for it but don't send any money to the morons.  They say that they are calling it the American Comeback.  With the GOP?  Please.

I like IBD.  I really do but, where have these people been for at least 15 years?  They have 20 ways that YOU screwed up and don't go blaming the Constitutionalists in this nation either.

And, once more, we have Dems and Terrorists again.  This Just In, Liberals Are Murderers

[...] What is it that the extremists of the anti-war left, liberals, and Democrats say about the U.S. practice of capturing and detaining terror suspects? Don’t they say that it is wrong and evil? To that end, the left has, through constant abuse of our own legal system made it practically untenable to capture and house terrorists in detention centers. And so, the U.S. is now just killing them outright instead of trying to capture them. [...]

Why is this news all of a sudden?  And now Rush Limbaugh in on the same drag I have been on for at least 20 years?  Where, what, who and WTF?

Watch Rush: We need to defeat these bastards in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

I always knew this was the Hopenchange the morons were going to get.

[...] Rush: The focus has to be on defeating Democrats in November in these mid term election, we have the people, we have the intellectual arguments, we have the common sense arguments, we have history but they won yesterday, they won because they held Congress and the Presidency, therein lies the lesson, we have to defeat these bastards, we need to wipe them out, we need to chase them out of town" [...]

The entire transcript is right here at Rush.  Warner Todd Houston says Work To Decimate Democrats.  Say it right, man.  Say it right.  We MUST stop the marxist-sociopaths.  Get the damn story straight.  I know some Democrats and they are PISSED off.  I'd play that video here but what for?  It is a GOP run element and just what have they done in recent years that obligated them to run their politics like the United States Constitution so dictates?  Yeah, sure, they spread the USC around NOW but what for?  It is lost and we MUST get it back.

What the People of this Nation need to do is to get unphuqued.  And the way to get unphuqued is to memorize the United States Constitution so when it is time to vote you know who is going to phuque you in the end.  Right now the entire country is phuqued because you people that are phuqued up, phuqued up.  You either voted for the unknown Hopenchange or you stayed home and out of principle allowed this phuqued up marxist motherphuquer phuque you up.  Aren't you happy with yourselves?

What we are looking for are leaders that are unafraid of the Obamedia.  They are unafraid of their skeletons.  We all have skeletons in our closets and I am one of them.  Trust me.  But, phuque that now.  Mark my words, I am one of those leaders so get ready.  The shit is about to hit the fan.

We can sit back and leave nice flowery comments all over the place.  You can sit back and pray like that's the only thing to do.  What I need is for folks with some goddamned guts to step forward.

Phuque Obama.  Phuque the Democrats.  Phuque the Democrats In Drag.  Phuque them all.  Are you willing to unphuque yourselves?  Join us as We Take Our Country Back.

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