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Boehner - Schmuck

Randy Neugebauer has said that he apologizes for calling Bart Stupak a baby killer, which he says he didn't call Bart Stupak a baby killer, but should have.  He stated that the Bill was a baby killer, and it is.  Why the fool is apologizing for saying the right thing is an odd transaction but, he is a politician and that's what politicians do, make it all up.

Many moons ago I said that there are no such animals as conservatives in the DC conglomerate of politicans within the Democcrat Party and Bart is most certainly not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  Call him a Baby Killer if you so like because political correctness is now dead.  PC has always been dead but we have whiners and idiots in DC.

I heard just a short while ago on Faux News that Boehner was stating that "he won't tolerate any violence because that's not the American Way".  He is one more reason that every moron in DC needs to be replaced.  He says we are pissed off and he is using that to push his own agenda through to get himself re-elected.  Dump him.  I suppose he doesn't understand the Declaration of Independence.  And that's another reason to dump him.  And Michael Steele?  Dump him.

What are we to do? Roll over?  Play dead?  Wait for a Ronald Wilson Reagan?  Are we to wait for "someone to come along" and help us out?  Roll over and let socialism take its natural course to failure and then make a come back?  Is that what you all want?  As for me and my house, that shall not stand.

[...] What the People of this Nation need to do is to get unphuqued.  And the way to get unphuqued is to memorize the United States Constitution so when it is time to vote you know who is going to phuque you in the end.  Right now the entire country is phuqued because you people that are phuqued up, phuqued up.  You either voted for the unknown Hopenchange or you stayed home and out of principle allowed this phuqued up marxist motherphuquer phuque you up.  Aren't you happy with yourselves?

What we are looking for are leaders that are unafraid of the Obamedia.  They are unafraid of their skeletons.  We all have skeletons in our closets and I am one of them.  Trust me.  But, phuque that now.  Mark my words, I am one of those leaders so get ready.  The shit is about to hit the fan.

We can sit back and leave nice flowery comments all over the place.  You can sit back and pray like that's the only thing to do.  What I need is for folks with some goddamned guts to step forward.

Phuque Obama.  Phuque the Democrats.  Phuque the Democrats In Drag.  Phuque them all.  Are you willing to unphuque yourselves?  Join us as We Take Our Country Back. [...]

I made some blatant and unPC posts yesterday and the libtards vansihed.  Good.  Perhaps they stroked out but maybe they are making "plans" because they have no thoughts of their own.  One of them made a comment on the JPA post and that takes care about how they feel about God.

Boehner.  Moron.  Have you heard his videos?  Recently?  Have you compared them to his videos from years ago?  What happened?  The American People are angry?  And that is why he is all of a sudden taking them into account?  Moron.  Dump him and dump him fast.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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