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David Brooks Doesn't Breath

One Fails To Understand How David Brooks Breaths - ain't that the truth?

David Brooks excreted another verbal puddle of nonsense into the NYeT yesterday.  He sets out to compare/contrast people who are alerted to the Constitutional threat with…hippies. [...]

David Brooks / New York Times: The Wal-Mart Hippies

Where has this thin-breed marxist-sociopath been growing up?

David Brooks: Educated Beyond His Intelligence -

dumbassHippies.  Like the Pelosi/Reid/Obama type of hippies or the Code Slut type of hippies?  Oh.  Wait.  They are the same ones.

Smitty has a "Rather" witty essay as to what the fool Brooks had to say so traveling to their web site is a good idea.  Wal-Mart hippies.  However, seeing that someone else has already straffed the fool Brooks fairly well, let's take a look at something else.  I suppose we can call it the Liberal Pathology.  I like the silly Hope and Change rhetoric we all heard about long before the 2008 elections and very few of us knew what that meant.  One example is right here as the unemployment map grows and grows.

David Brooks tries to take us all down some odd-ball path and makes us try and see that the Wal-Mart hippies are what we have turned the country into.  The Tea Partiers are the New Left but are on The Right.  Where on earth does he get this conscriptive punk-like ideology?

I remember those years, mr Brooks...the Vietnam Police Action years.  My brother was KIA in SE Asia, punk.  Who was leading those riots, mass protests, "street theater, mass rallies, marches and extreme statements that are designed to shock polite society out of its stupor", punk?.  Well, they were the "New Left" which was actually the "Old Left" and made it to be New Left.  They were the communists.  They were the Fascists.  They were the Socialists.  Hitler.  Whatever was diametrically against the United States Constitution was the way the political theatre went.  Stupor?  Like my parents that had no way of protesting because the communists would have nothing to do with it?  Silly inane Brooks.  I wonder if the fool would want to know what the List of 45 is.  Stupor?  I do believe that this Brook dweeb lives in one.

Saul Alinsky.  Is it because the New Right has FINALLY learned that to defeat the enemy, the enemy's tactics can and will be used against them?  Perhaps Brooks needs to learn some military tactician and tactical ideas.  Utilizing the enemy's tactics against them was my primary mission.  And it worked.  It will also work against this alleged New Left...the 1920s ACLU Left.  Remember?  They are the same people that screwed this nation up back in the 1960s and 1970s.  Remember?

[...] The "logic" of Brooksism would seem to be that Americans should just keep on pluckin' that chicken until some completely new, historically unheralded method becomes available.  Will that be pixie dust, or a magic wand, Mr. Brooks? [...]

How about some of that magic dust?

[...] That idea was rejected in the 1960s by people who put their faith in unrestrained passion and zealotry. The New Left then, like the Tea Partiers now, had a legitimate point about the failure of the ruling class. But they ruined it through their own imprudence, self-righteousness and naïve radicalism. The Tea Partiers will not take over the G.O.P., but it seems as though the ’60s political style will always be with us — first on the left, now the right. [end]

And I suppose that Brooks and his ilk of marxist-sociopaths are now the moderate?  I don't think so.  There is no Redefining The Center or the Moderate, Brooks.  You are a marxist-sociopath trying to make the Constitutional Tea Party a non-entitly with your pathetic following of similar do-nothing marxist-sociopath morons that will follow you right into the bowels of hell.  The Political Spectrum should always be in a circle to best define the various realms of political servitude with several arrows that pint to your generalized of conceptual terms.

Not many have followed David Brooks at Memeorandum but always remember this - David Brooks: Educated Beyond His Intelligence and that settles everything the fool ever writes.  Seeing that I already know what he does about the Oklahoma City bombing, I will add just two articles for your pleasure to trounce the Brooks fool into his marxist spider hole.

Thoughts To Ponder and Reflect Upon and Snooper Report Vindication: Al Qaeda, TWA Flight 800 and OKC Bombing.  You want to know what's really going on in this Nation from the "left" and the "right"?  There you have it.  Jihadism, Islamism, Fascism (Hitler-Mussolini), Socialism, Marxism, Black Liberation Theology, Social Justice.  Our Nation was formed as a Constitutional Republic and the aforementioned "organizations" aren't even close.

Memeorandum..."[T]he key to understanding David Brooks is that he hates the culture war."

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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